The Ultimate Motorbike Road Trip Cheat Sheet

When you are going on vacation alone, the freedom that you are afforded is exciting. You can choose when to travel, where to travel and most importantly, how to travel. You may never think of going on a road trip alone, after all, a road trip brings on the image of friends in a car singing at the tops of their voices. Exploring together and forging new bonds. However, if you were to travel by motorcycle, the road trip is just you, the open road and the wind roaring in through your helmet.

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A road trip is taxing with friends, let alone by yourself, but a motorcycle road trip can feel like a test of endurance. You’ve got the freedom, you’ve bought yourself a bike from and you’ve got your gear ready. However, if you want true preparation: the good, bad and the ugly, then check out our cheat sheet below. It may make you think twice about a few things before you get going on your adventure.

  • Windshield. If your bike is naked for the sleek, aesthetic look, it’s time to invest in a windshield. A bike is great for zipping around the city, but when you’re bombing 75 miles an hour to get city to city, your windshield can provide a good protection from the intense wind and bugs. Get your bike pimped and ready to go with a new windshield.

  • Long Roads. Being on the road alone is empowering and wonderful, but the road alone when you’re on a bike and have no way to listen to music or speak to anyone can get very tedious. Taking regular breaks can really help, and you shouldn’t attempt a long trip without a little experience. Take it day by day and bike a little further each time.

  • Weather. Being on a bike makes you far more exposed to the elements than a car does. During your road trip, you will end up at some point being hot, cold and wet. Your safety gear should be waterproof and it should be well ventilated to ensure that the bits that get hot can cool down, the bits that get wet can dry off and the bits that get cold could warm up properly.

  • Earplugs. The highway is loud enough when you live next to it, never mind when you’re riding alongside lorries going at a high speed and cars zooming by. Protect your ears with rubber earplugs. You don’t have to wear them all of the trip, but you do need to think about how they can benefit you while you are on the open road.

  • Technology. Embracing a little technology for your road trip could be a God send, and make you feel like the trip is a little bit more interesting. You can invest in a helmet like this, which has a Bluetooth link to the bike. You can listen to a little bit of music, take calls and link to your GPS.

Road trips can be boring, but if you’re well prepared it can be the trip of a lifetime.

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