Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum Review

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Disclaimer: I received this product for in exchange for my review and honest opinion


Let me introduce you to my new best friend “Rogue” the Robot Vac,  this is my first time having a robot vac and I wasn’t sure how they would really work but my Hoover “Rogue” has been cleaning my floors for several days now. He even goes under places I can’t get too, “Rogue” has kept my floors clean for days now. I am so excited to have this Hoover “Rogue” in my home. The Setup process to him going is very simple and very easy instructions.  He is a smart vacuum that comes fully loaded with the latest and greatest tech. “Rogue”  also has Robart Mapping Technology with Memory, meaning I intelligently navigate and remember your floor plan instead of just randomly Wall Technology which allows you to mark rooms or areas as off limits to Hoover Rogue through the Hoover Home App on your Smart phone and features like voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, dirt detection and user indicator lights. How cool is that, now you know you want one.




Features of Hoover Rogue Robot Vacuum :

  • Robart® Technology with Memory Navigation – I use a high-tech laser to navigate your home and remember your floorplan which optimizes my cleaning path
  • SmartWall™ Technology – You can create virtual boundaries in the Hoover Home App to customize what areas are off limits to me
  • Voice Control – I’m a good listener so I made sure I was compatible with Amazon Alexa* and Google Home Assistant* so you can give me vocal commands
  • Tri-Clean System – I’m not just a robot. I’m a smart vacuum so I utilize a trifecta of agitation, brushing and suction to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair
  • Dirt Detection – My mission is cleaning so when I detect excessive dirt (yes I can do that), I’ll slow down over that area to maximize cleaning
  • Wi-Fi Connected – By downloading the Hoover Home App, you can access me from anywhere since I know you can’t stand to be away from me
  • Hoover Home App – Not only can you send me out to clean…you can schedule me, use SmartWall™ and see where I’ve cleaned in your home
  • Rogue™ Control Center – Since I can’t actually talk to you, I have one convenient location on my lid for commands, alerts and indicators
  • Run time – Not to brag, but I have up to 120 minutes of fade-free run time
  • Auto Docking – When my cleaning mission is complete, I will return to base to recharge
  • Cliff Sensors – Don’t worry, I know my limits. I won’t be going off stairs, drop-offs or cliffs anytime soon
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tri-Clean System


Rogue Control Center


Robart Technology with Memory Navigation


Rogue dirt cup is also very easy to empty and I always clean the filter too inside the cup and it is very easy to clean your Hoover Rogue Robot Vacuum,  there is a brush that cleans the brushes on Rogue.

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Lastly, Let me tell you how Rogue parks itself on it’s home base,  this little robot goes to his base ans slowly starts lining up with the base, then pulls up onto the base, it is just amazing to watch, this is like a new toy for me that I am enjoying so much and I know you will too. Hoover Rogue Robot Vacuum is the leading edge of Technology when it comes to the Robot Vacuums, you will not find a better one.   I have some exciting news also Hoover is offering Black Friday deals that will run  November 22 – Dec. 3 in Target, Best Buy, Amazon and on Hoover.com where it will be $200 off!!!  Go to their website and check it out,  http://www.multivu.com/players/English/8013931-hoover-react-vacuums/ That means you can get Hoover Rogue Robot Vacuum for $299.00 .

Visit  https://www.hoover.com/rogue-970-robot-vacuum/BH70970.html#q=rogue&lang=en_US&start=1    



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