Tipsy Tags Drink Charms Review



Disclaimer: I received these products for free for a review and my honest opinion

Tipsy Tags are perfect for wine and drink charms incorporate  small, super-strong magnets to securely hold the charms in place. They will attach to any smooth glass or plastic surfaces. They are very easy to use,  just Remove magnet from back of card within packaging,  Drop into glass,  Hold charm to outside of glass until the two magnets attract, Slide to desired position.  Tipsy Tags are very classy and sassy.


Let me tell you a little about the people that came up with Tipsy Tags,  Chrissy and Marnette celebrate their own Italian heritage. Both were born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, moving to the West Coast to attend college. The pair did not meet until landing in Vancouver, Washington. It was in Vancouver that their children first became friends, followed soon after by their mothers. Chrissy and Marnette bonded quickly through their shared culture and backgrounds.  Tipsy Tags has given Chrissy and Marnette the opportunity to meet so many new people and make lifelong friends.  They are constantly updating stock and incorporating new and hip designs each year to keep the customers coming back. Retailers and wineries cannot keep these fun items in stock.


Tipsy Tags is all about making your drink unique and special, as well as being sustainable with all Their designs and products.  I have had so much fun with Tipsy Tags, I use them on my drinking glasses, wine glasses and even on my coffee cups. It makes a person feel special to have such a unique little surprise on their glasses.  They have several  kinds of Tipsy Tags to choose from, you can choose Bling, Classy, Holiday, Custom and several more. You will enjoy these cool Tags and surprise you family and friends with a truly one of a kind Tag for their drink.


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