Educational Gifts That Can Help Kids Learn At Home


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Children’s education doesn’t just have to be restricted to the classroom. In fact, lots of studies show that children who are encouraged to continue learning at home often go on to achieve their full potential in school. Unfortunately, kids might not be very keen on getting on with their homework or doing some extra studies once they get home. Especially if they are very young. But that doesn’t mean you should give up encouraging your kids to continue learning at home. Actually, there are various games that you could get to help your child study and learn. These are the gifts you should add to the present list for their birthday.

Writing And Drawing Materials

Kids are very creative indeed, and nurturing their creative tendencies is a great way to help them develop various skills that they will be able to use throughout their education. Getting them into drawing or writing could also result in them deciding to follow a career as a painter or writer. You should get them some personalized materials such as embossed stationery note cards or a monogrammed writing pad that they can use however they want. Why not display your child’s best drawings on your fridge door so everyone can see them?!

Reading Books

Lots of kids reading books. Even if yours can’t read just yet, you will find that they still enjoy books when you read them to them. It is important that you introduce your children to books and the joys that come with them from a very early age. It is often thought that children are more likely to become avid readers the earlier they start reading. Not only is reading a fun pastime, but it is also a great way for kids to increase their vocabulary and learn basic grammar.



Image: Pexels

An Abacus

Abacuses are a very popular gift for young children, especially toddlers. Small children like playing with the very bright beads that are on the abacuses rails, as they are able to slide them across and play with them. But they also play a more important role as well. And that is that they can greatly help children learn how to count and add up. If you do have an abacus use it to demonstrate how you count. By doing so, you will find that your child quickly picks up the basics of counting.

Toy Farm

Toy farms are also great learning tools. Sure, your child will be able to play for hours on end with all the small farm animals. But you can also use it to teach your child the names of all the different animals that are found on a farm. You can also use it as a tool to teach your child the different sounds that they make!

As you can see, learning doesn’t have to be boring! If you get your child some of these gifts for their next birthday, they will find that their school and nursery work becomes a whole lot easier!

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