Survivor Eyes Brow Kit Review



Disclaimer: I received this product for free for a review and my honest opinion


How many of us have had Family or Friends with Cancer, I have had many family members die from Cancer, My Grandfather, Aunts, My Dad had Cancer but survived and now my husband has Leukemia. There were so many times that I had wished that I could have done something for the family members that had survived Cancer and Chemo,  most people when they go through Chemo lose their hair, eyebrows.  Everyone loves someone who has battled cancer or an illness that has caused hair loss. Wouldn’t they appreciate a product that inspires hope, strength, and empowers them to fight their battle?  Well Survivor Eyes is that product.


Survivor Eyes is a product that is designed to help women through one of the most difficult battles of their lives.  Now I want to help women around the world who suffer from hair loss. There is nothing more empowering for a woman than to look and feel beautiful.  I  haven’t forgotten the fellas, we know they too want to look and feel strong. Brows for Bros was created with brow shapes especially for men.  Now let me show you some before and after photos .


Let me tell you what is in the kit :

10- Survivor Eyes brow stencils

Dual Sided applicator brush

Application and care instructions

Pink Draw Sting pouch

Survivor Eyes is the most important products you can give to a Cancer Survivor patient, it is very important that  the Women feel beautiful when they are going through this very difficult time in their lives. Make them feel beautiful while they are fighting for their lives. My Plan is the next time I go to my Husbands Oncologist Appointment, I am going to donate my Kit to them so they can possibly order some kits for their patients .  Five percent of annual profits from the sale of Survivor Eyes is donated to charitable organizations. Please go to their website and order some of their kits and donate them to any Cancer Patients you know or just take them to any Oncologist Doctor and give a Women a chance to feel beautiful during this hard time in her life.


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