Prismacolor colored pencils and markers

Disclaimer* I received these markers and colored pencils for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


The first time I heard of Prismacolor colored pencils was over three decades ago. Just dated myself a bit. Ha ha!

I was in 7th grade Geography and every week, we had to color a map. I had your basic colored pencils. The teacher loved Prismacolor colored pencils and using those pencils was the only way to achieve an A. No matter how well I colored, I could not achieve a grade better than a B. I waited months before convincing my parents to buy me a set from the art store. They finally decided to buy me a set. Happy dance!

Oh, how I loved those pencils. The colors went on so smooth. Light or dark or anything in between, the colors were beautiful. I finally got my A!!!!

Now I had the chance to re-try ¬†Prismacolor pencils as an adult, and I felt the same as I did when I was a teenager. The colors are just as alluring as before and work great in adult coloring books. Prismacolor makes all the colors of the rainbow and everything inbetween. The soft core is perfect for blending colors.The color goes on the paper so smooth that you hardly know it’s a pencil.


I was unaware Prismacolor produced markers, as well. The markers were a joy to use. Super fine lined and awesome colors. I think they would be perfect for handwritten invitations or calligraphy.



Fun Facts from Prismacolor

Did you know?

* Adult coloring continues to trend: Nearly a quarter of adults claim to color and half of colorers have started within the last eight months.

*Nearly eighty percent of those who started coloring over six months ago are still engaged in adult coloring today.

*Coloring is not just for children; adult colorers are 57% female and 43% male.

*Half the people who have tried adult coloring engage in it once a week or more.

*Colored pencils are the clear top choice for adult coloring, with over half of colorers using them most often.

*Of weekly colorers two-thirds have purchased writing instruments specifically for adult coloring.

I used both the Prismacolor colored pencils and Prismacolor markers on the coloring page that was provided:



I think it came out beautifully!


For more information on Prismacolor  or where to buy Prismacolor products,  please visit:


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