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I’ve never been a person that was huge on taking my vitamins every day. Number one, I never knew where to start when it came to picking the right vitamin for me. It’s easy to start with a one a day vitamin but I always felt like I needed something more. Number two, I hate swallowing pills. I hate how it seems to get stuck in the back of my throat, taking forever to dissolve and go down. That’s why the Vemma liquid antioxidant has been just what I needed. Not only is it in liquid form, it’s packed with multiple vitamins and minerals our body needs on a daily basis (12 spectrum vitamins, 65 plant sourced minerals and add in aloe-vera for a complete solid nutritional foundation). On top of that, Vemma is tasty and goes down much easier for me. Ever take a vitamin in the tablet form and you get all the bitter taste because it gets stuck on your tongue? Yup, I hate that!


I don’t have to worry about forgetting to take my daily shot of Vemma and the kids love it too. They even have their own liquid antioxident called Vemma Next which helps their motor functions, promotes good heart health, and has 14 organic fruit and vegetable extracts (ideal for ages 2-12). This item can be purchased in a 32 oz bottle or 2 oz bottles. Great for putting in their lunch boxes or to have in the car as a back up. Has no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and is gluten free. Find more information about the kids Vemma Next by visiting their website here.

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Verve is another great product in the clinically studied Vemma line founded by BK Boreyko. If  you consume energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, or 5 hour energy, you should check out Verve. It’s a much healthier alternative to energy drinks on the market. Yes they give you a burst of energy but it doesn’t last and you are left dragging a few hours later. With Verve, you can expect a natural boost of energy, plus it helps to reduce inflammation and increase your immune system. The Verve product has been featured on the Dr. Oz show where he recommends drinking half a can with a handful of nuts for an afternoon pick me up. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Oz and that’s big if he recommended it!! Verve bold won the 2013 Bronze Stevie Award for the healthiest energy drink launch of the year. Verve comes in Regular, Bold, Zero Sugar, and Partea. All include Vemma formula inside and give you a boost of natural caffeine when you need it most. If you enjoy cocktails (my 21 and over crowd), try adding Verve to it! It can add a delicious twist to your drinks and no pesky hangover if you happen to overdo it.

I have tried just about every Vemma product and love them all, but my most beneficial product right now would have to be the Bod-e line. Designed by Biggest Loser trainer, Chris Powell, this line offers shakes and more that are great for people like myself who want to lose weight. I have been taking the shakes for about a week now and have seen an increase in energy and have felt a lot less bloated. I usually have a shake right after I wake up, before getting my day started. I’ve tried both Vanilla and chocolate but chocolate is my favorite. You can use water or milk but I use water since I can’t really tell the difference. I’m down 4 pounds already and can’t wait to receive my order of Bod-e burn to share my results with you! This formula will help enhance my body’s burn potential while supporting a healthy weight management.

On top of it’s many health benefits, Vemma offers you a way to financial security and making a difference in every person’s life you touch. It’s a sad truth that fifty-five percent of our young people are underemployed or unemployed, with student loans being the number one debt in america over credit card debt. Vemma offers an opportunity to take back your freedom through education and entrepreneurship. If you like the Vemma products, why not share with your family and friends and reap the benefits of some amazing rewards and incentives? Starting your own business with Vemma is easy and can help both health wise and financially. For more information on how to become a affiliate or even just to check out all the amazing products Vemma offers, Visit the Vemma Website today!!


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