Sunday Sweepstakes Roundup


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I know you all love sweepstakes so every Sunday I will be posting a list of live sweepstakes to enter. All official rules for each sweepstakes can be found on their website. Let me know if you win anything! If you know one I am forgetting please feel free to add it in the comments for next week roundup!

Boogie Wipes The #1 Pick Sweepstakes ($50 Amazon) (Pinterest contest)~ Open to US & Canada (excludes Quebec) Ends 3/31/2014 ~ Enter here (a new winner chosen every 3 days)

Purex $1,000 Shopping Spree ~ Open to US ~ Ends 1/31/14 ~ Enter here

Martha Stewart Living Daily Giveaway (daily jewelry giveaway)~ Open to US~ Ends 1/31/14 ~ Enter here daily

Honey Bunches of Oats “Bunch of Beats” Sweepstakes ($500 weekly) ~ Open to US ~ Ends 6/15/14 ~ Enter here weekly

WomanFreebies HP Laptop Sweepstakes ~ Open to US & Canada ~ Ends 2/13/14 ~ Enter here daily

Pepsi/Coin Toss Sweepsakes ~ Open to US (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, and Washington State) ~ Ends 2/3/14 ~ Enter here daily

31 Days of RockaRoo ~ Open to US (excludes RI) ~ Ends 1/31/14 ~ Enter here (winner picked daily)

Snickers Super Bowl Satisfaction Instant Win Game ~ Open to US ~ Ends 2/28/14 ~ Enter here daily

Rogue Stunt Giveaway (3 will win a Nissan Rogues valued at $30,000) ~ Open to US and District of Columbia ~ Ends 2/10/14 ~ Enter here daily

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