Snow Mover 2.0 ~ Cut Your Snow Removal Time in Half!


Disclaimer: We received a free product. All opinions are my own. 

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Is there someone on your holiday list that gets a lot of snow where they live? If you answered yes then the Snow Mover 2.0 from Innovation Factory would be a wonderful gift to consider. Cleaning a ton of snow off your car can be a real pain in the rear end especially with those small brushes and scrapers. If you live in an area that gets a large amount of snow and assuming you don’t use or have a garage, this would come in handy!

The Snow Mover 2.0 is a personal snow plow that is perfect for removing snow on and around your vehicle. We haven’t gotten any snow yet but when we do, this will be put to great use! Last year I used a broom to dust the snow off of the car but this would be so much better especially since the broom does nothing for the ice! The Snow Mover 2.0 has an easy to grip handle that will make it much easier to maneuver and cut this time in half. It is also designed to work with the body’s natural flow to make it an easier snow moving experience.

This multi tool combines a plow and ice scraper along with a special snow broom to help clear ice and large amounts of snow. This item would be perfect to give to anyone that works a lot during the winter snowy months. They can have this handy to let the car warm up while they clean the snow from their car. I know hubby will appreciate this even more this winter since he has the car most of the time because he works outside the home.

The Snow Mover 2.0 is available for purchase on Amazon $14.00!! That is a great price if you ask me! One that will be greatly appreciated this winter!

Check out the Snow Mover 2.0 and other great products that Innovation Factory has to offer by visiting their website. They are also available to connect with on Facebook & Twitter.

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