Why Scion Cars Continue to Dominate the Youth Market

The Scion line of cars was introduced by Toyota with the goal of reaching a more youthful group of prospective car buyers. Toyota had realized that its reputation as a maker of reliable and sensible vehicles was not necessarily appealing to younger drivers, so it made an intelligent decision to launch a brand of vehicles geared toward those drivers. The result was the Scion cars line, sporty and fun vehicles that also feature Toyota’s trademark engineering without the staid stigma of the brand. More than ten years later, Scion is continuing to dominate the youth market, but has also gained a strong foothold among older consumers as well, almost certainly the result of its reputation as “fun, yet reliable.” The line of automobiles includes:

  • xB: compact 5-door hatchback
  • tC: compact sport coupe
  • iQ: electric vehicle (limited release)
  • FR-S: grand tourer sports coupe

Historical Perspective

The brand was introduced via limited release in 2003. Its first models, the xA and xB, were very popular among the youth market that was targeted with its unique and sensible styling, but also sold well across all demographics. The boxy design allowed for plenty of passenger and cargo room, but without the negative perception that might follow a minivan or wagon. Additionally, the engineers smartly added one of the best sound systems available in any car on the market, something the youth demographic found very enticing.

Current Perception

This line of vehicles has been very well received by consumers due to its relatively low cost and its reputation as a fun vehicle that does not require a lot of maintenance. Somewhat ironically, it benefits from being disassociated from Toyota among the younger generation, and benefits from its association with Toyota among the older crowd. This line of cars has also benefited from a very intelligent and popular advertising campaign, one which further cemented it as a brand that is fun, irreverent and stylish. Smart cars buyers know that they are also incredibly reliable, practical and well-made.

Marketing Campaign

The marketing for this line of cars has been more recently targeted toward the older generation that had been somewhat neglected in the past. This neglect did not necessarily deter consumers of that demographic from buying, but it may not have generated enough excitement across all demographics. The marketing has been intelligently done otherwise, with national ad campaigns being generally successful, while smaller regional campaigns were also used to reach specific groups of consumers, such as those interested in customization. One of the more interesting aspects of the campaign was the ability of the user to create their own design using a variety of different aftermarket parts, along with graphics and decals.

Exceptional Value

Perhaps the Scion is best known for its exceptional value. Consumers appreciate the low manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), knowing that the vehicle they are buying is both stylish and reliable. Another aspect that car buyers seem to appreciate is the brand’s use of “Pure Price.” This refers to the fact that whatever price is posted on the car, in an advertisement or display, that is the price that the consumer will pay. This helps to eliminate negotiation, and it seems that this method has increased consumer trust in the brand, which was one of the goals of the company in making this decision.

The Scion has succeeded in reaching across many different demographics due to its intelligent engineering and modern styling. It features exceptional value, with a low MSRP for a line of vehicles that are incredibly well-made, reliable and practical, while also maintaining a desirable aesthetic design. Any one of these vehicles is a solid choice for prospective car buyers, as this line has firmly established itself as one of the more reputable and trustworthy lines available.

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