Flips Audio ~ Give the Gift of Headphones & Speakers All in One!!


Disclaimer: We were sent a free sample for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

$50 which will you choose

Flips Audio headphones are unlike anything I have seen before. They are headphones, they are a speaker, they are both all in one! I had been seeing the commercials on television for this amazing product and hubby kept telling me he wanted to try them. I figured i’d give it a shot to see if we could get a review sample and was excited when they said yes!

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These arrived in a cool box and inside was the headphones, a carrying case, and usb cable for charging. These are the only headphones I have seen that can be used to listen to your music quietly then flip the headphones outward to use as speakers. Don’t be fooled, these don’t give off faint sound that can’t be heard. These give off amazing sounded quality and I couldn’t believe how great they sound. I was in the living room and hubby was in the computer room when I heard music.

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I thought it was coming from our radio but nope! It was coming from the Flips Audio headphones. Wow!! These really let off some great sound! It’s not explosive sound that will hurt your eardrums but loud enough to be able to hear in the next room.

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These headphones are great for traveling and when you are on the go. They fold up neatly and can be placed inside their case to keep clean and safe from damage. When you are ready to use them just unfold, plug in, and turn on the music! The great thing about Flips is that you choose if you want to listen to your music independently or share some tunes with others. Just flip the earcups and you are social! Your Flips headphones has a rechargeable battery that is mainly used when in social mode and lasts about three hours until you have to charge it up.

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My husband loves his new Flips Audio headphones and showing off to his friends. The strap is adjustable and the ear cup cushions are comfortable. They have some nice base that comes out both in solo and social mode. The only thing that he wishes it had was a bluetooth option but maybe this is something they will have in the near future. Flips Audio comes in two color options (black and white). They are available online at Flipsaudio.com and Walmart for $120. Great price compared to other expensive competitors that only do half of what Flips Audio does!

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