Click ‘N Dig Key Finder ~ Hot Item on Everyone’s Holiday List!


Disclosure: We were sent free products for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


It seems like every five minutes something is getting misplaced in our house. If it isn’t my cellphone, it’s the remote or house phone. It stinks when you are running late to work and can’t find your keys or something else that is of the utmost importance. With the Click ‘N Dig key finder, it puts an end to that situation. The Click ‘N Dig key finder model F6 comes with 1 remote and six receivers. Everything comes with the batteries pre-installed plus extra batteries for you to use down the road. The red, blue, and yellow receivers can be used to put on key chains to find keys when you need them the most. The remaining receivers can be used on remotes, cell phones, house phones, wallets, etc.


The pink, green, and purple receivers attach with a sticky backing that is separate inside the box. You can put these on anything that you like or feel you’ll misplace all the time. In my house we are always misplacing the remote control so this was the first thing we put a receiver on. We removed the plastic tab before sticking to the remote. Now we just press the purple button on the transmitter and can find our remote whenever it’s misplaced (usually by the kids).


When you press a button on the transmitter, the receiver with the corresponding color beeps so you can find the item you are looking for. I can’t tell you how many times I have misplaced my remote in one day and how much this has came in handy.


Even though I misplace my remote a lot, keys are the number one item that is misplaced in the house. These are the most important thing when leaving out because I wouldn’t be able to drive or lock up the house. You can find your keys using the Click ‘N Dig key finder and be out the door in no time. I gave one to the hubby so he can put on his keys and have one for me. The transmitter is put in a neutral spot after we are done using it so we don’t misplace that.


I love that they have included extra batteries so that you don’t have to purchase them anytime soon. The Click ‘N Dig key finder is the perfect holiday gift for anyone that has a hard time remembering where they have placed important items. It happens to just about all of us every now and then. You are not alone!!


Find out more information about the Click N’ Dig including where to purchase by visiting their website. Also keep in mind some of their other wonderful brands Diver Waterproof MP3 PlayerAmoré Kitchen, and Joy Bidet.

Want a chance to win a Click ‘N Dig key finder? Enter here!!


  1. Debra Sauvageau says

    My Prayers have been…I have dreamed about one of these..I was already floored by the receivers for the keys…but when you got to the sticky back receivers I was a bouncing…yay! No more lost remotes or cell phones! If I don’t win I am definitely gonna have to buy…AWESOME REVIEW! I’m SOLD!

  2. Debra Sauvageau says

    lol I just saw that you can put one on your wallet…lol…can we put one on our money since it seems to disappear fast

  3. Linda Treadwell says

    30 years ago, they only made cheap ones. These look really study, nice and colorful. I definitely need one for everyone in my household. I wonder if it would still go off (chirping) when I’m watching a movie in the theater? Lol

  4. says

    that is so neat!! i love that you can put them on the remotes!! i LOSE it constantly! i would so use this on my phone! they look like they are made good.. and love the colors! i think its awesome they put EXTRA batteries with em!!

  5. Debra Sauvageau says

    It is so nice to see a product that meets a real need. Every family I know could use one of these sets..or maybe 2 lol

  6. rose paden says

    This is such a great product to have! I just might be putting a couple in my hubby’s stocking this year, sense his keys like to grow legs and walk about!

  7. Debra Sauvageau says

    Love everything about this product, even down to the different colors…making keeping upwith our stuff so easy.


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