Campus Book Rentals ~ Perfect Holiday Gift For the College Goer!


We can’t forget about the college kids this holiday season! Many will be coming home for the holidays but will be going back to school shortly after. Buying books can be expensive and add up but it really doesn’t have to. Help your college goer save a few extra dollars after the holidays by letting them know about CampusBookRentals!

What is CampusBookRentals? This amazing company allows your college goer to save between 4o-90 percent off of regular book store pricing. Shipping is always free both ways and they even allow you to highlight in the textbooks! There is no membership or subscription fee so you just rent your books as often as you like without worrying about other fees. Best of all, if you decide you want to purchase your books, you can. You just pay the difference of what you paid to rent it and the value of the book.

CampusBookRentals also has a RentBack program that is great for students who no longer need their books to make some extra cash. How does this work? The student sends their unwanted textbooks to CampusBookRentals with a printed free shipping label. Your books are received and rented out to another student that needs them and you make money! It doesn’t stop there because once they are done with them, they send them back to CampusBookRentals and it is rented out to another student that needs it. Such a great way to make money for other things you may need during your college years!

CampusBookRentals helps save our college goers money and in turn also gives back to others in need. For every textbook rented, CampusBookRentals makes a donation to Operation Smile. Just think, you are helping too because part of your rental is going to help give a child the surgery they need to live a normal life. This is a gift that will keep giving this Holiday season!!

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