Halloween Decorations $20 and Under


Decoration for any holiday can be so much fun especially Halloween! You will be surprised at how many deals you can find for Halloween Decorations for $20 and Under! Check out this list and decorate your home for Halloween!

Get a Super Sized Creepy Cloth for only $12.12!

Add some fun Peep n’ Peepers Flashing Eye Lights for only $13.19!

Create a Tombstone Village in your yard for only $12.99.

Pick up Lighted Wicked Witch Hanging Decoration for only $17.49.

Grab the Halloween Colored Lights for only $8.99.

Add a Grinning Skull to your decorations for only $16.50.

Get a set of 2 Realistic Crows for only $19.83.

The Heritage Lace Cloth makes a great addition for only $12.99.

Pick up the Dark Forest Wall Hanging for only $10.99.

Add the Spider and Webs Window Decorations for only $8.95.

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