Snapple K Cups


Have you tried Snapple k cups yet? I have always loved Snapple iced tea and I love my Keurig. I went shopping a few weeks ago and stumbled across these Snapple K cups at my grocery store. Sweet! I have been wanting to try them so I decided to purchased some. Tonight was the first time I got to try them because I had no ice in the house to brew over ice.


I finally decided I wasn’t going to let my lack of having ice stop me. I had some hot chocolate k cups that none of the members of my house liked and were just sitting. That’s when my creative juices started flowing. I emptied the contents of each k cup in the trash and rinsed the excess grounds out. Then I filled the empty k cups up with water and threw all 10 in the freezer. It didn’t take long to freeze and make cubes in my freezer (one of the things I love about it).


Once they were frozen, I was ready to try out my peach Snapple. This stuff is delicious! It taste just like Snapple in the bottle. There was no need to add any sugar or sweetener because everything is inside the k cup. It’s very refreshing and since I made my ice in the used k cups, it didn’t melt fast because of the size of the cube.


I give Snapple k cups two thumbs up! It doesn’t taste like anything is left out or missing. Great job Snapple! I definitely will be purchasing some other Snapple flavors.


  1. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    First of all , I love the idea for the ice πŸ™‚
    Secondly, I have tried the Snapple Peach Tea before and I love it!! Great peach flavor!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  2. Abby Kraynick says

    So excited to know they are now making Snapple in a K cup, I’m not a coffee drinker so my Keurig doesn’t get much use.. But now it will. So exciting!

  3. Jessica Parent says

    I find the kcups to be touch and go for flavor (I love some and hate others) Im intrigued that it tastes just like Snapple in a bottle.Surprised to hear I don’t have to add sugar (by the time I get done adding cream and sugar to a lot of them-I could’ve gone to the coffee shop for just a few cents more (and get twice as much coffee) Great review-I hadn’t planned on trying the Snapple ones because I thought it would be a waste of money(and couldn’t possibly be as good as the bottles) but I just might now

    • Jessica Parent says

      Oh yeah -Love how you are making the ice in used kcups-never even crossed my mind(Im the girl that fills my water bottle halfway and freeze for instant ice water but cant get it outta the bottle and into my big cups-lol).My ice ALWAYS melts too fast!

  4. linda parker says

    Yum!!! I love peaches…..And ty for the review! I love the k-cup ice cube idea! But seriously you could have sent me the chocolate stuff…..I’m a chocolate addict…

  5. Laurie Emerson says

    I would love to try. Thank you for your review as I have to admit that I was not sure if a K-Cup iced tea would taste as good as one you made yourself or bought.

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