Jewelry Under $1

Christmas is quickly sneaking up on us and will be here before we can can say St. Nick! Shopping before the Christmas Holiday is a great way to get savings and stretch your budget! Jewelry is a great present for many people and for under $1 is certainly a deal! No pressure, but I love jewelry! Just kidding. Check out these amazing deals on Amazon to get you ahead of the game this year.

Pick up the Black Laced Light Blue Mustache Bracelet for only $0.01!

Maybe a beautiful Black Lace Silver Sideways Cross Bracelet would be more your style. Pick up the Black Lace Silver Sideways Cross Bracelet for only $0.95!

Add a beautiful Vintage Palace Heart Pendent with Chain to your collection for only $0.99!

This stunning and colorful Flying Butterfly Necklace is only $0.99!

Need a cute toe ring to show off your pedicure? Pick up this Heart Link Sterling Silver Toe Ring for only $0.01!

Want a colorful necklace? This Vintage Peacock Necklace is only $0.30 and has such beautiful color!

Pick up a Stainless Steel Ring for only $0.75!

Take a peek at this beautiful Sterling Silver Cross Charm for only $0.01!

Add your zodiac sign charm for only $0.25!

Add some color to any outfit with the Antique Color Crystal Owl Necklace for only $0.98!

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