Electronics $40 and Under


Electronics seem to be items that everyone loves to receive as a gift but shopping for these items does not have to be expensive! There are tons of electronic items for $40 and Under! Lots of Christmas list consist of electronic items, but don’t break the bank! Take a look at this weeks round up and see what you can find to stash away for the holidays!!

Look!! You can get a SanDisk MP3 Player for only $29.95!

Check out the X-Mini Portable Speakers for only $16.96!

Pick up a pair of Sony Series Stereo Headphones for only $14.60!

This is a good one. Make your music louder from your phone with The OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker for only $39.99!

I’m loving this! Take a look at this unique Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers for only $34.99!

Play your music from your iPod in the car with the iCarPlay for only $9.06!

I could use a new Samsung DVD Player for only $32.99!

Need new computer speakers? I know I do. Pick up the Logitech Speakers for only $22.72!

Pick up a Cobra Digital Camera for only $33.98!

Grab a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for only $36.37!

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