DVD’s Under $5


Who loves movies? I know I sure do! I am not going to say how many I own because it is just outrageous. I will say that it’s a great and inexpensive way to have a family night or even date night! What are some of your favorite movies? Are there any that you would like to own but have been a little turned off from buying because of the high prices? Add to your personal collection for $5 and Under with this awesome DVDs for $5 and Under list!

This movie is back on sale! I still love this movie! Grab The Goonies for just $5.00!

Ever seen Final Approach? I haven’t but at this price it is worth a shot! Pick up Final Approach for just $4.99!

Fall Time is an older movie, but great! You can pick up Fall Time for just $4.99!

Waiting is hilarious! You can pick up Waiting for just $5.00!

Don’t forget the little ones! Pick up Barney – Ready, Set, Play for only $5.00!

You can even pick up The Andy Griffith Show for only $4.00!

Enjoy watching The Sandlot? Add The Sandlot for only $4.99 to your collection!

If a romantic movie is more you style, check out The Notebook for only $4.99!

If you have a Bieber fan in your house, pick up Biebermania for only $5.00!

Check out The Witches of Eastwick for just $4.99!

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