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We were sent a Soda Stream free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I love soda but know that it’s not really good for me. The added sugar and extra calories add up and aren’t healthy. Soda Stream offers a healthier alternative to your regular sodas. Plus being able to make your own soda at home saves more money in the long run. Our package came with the Soda stream starter kit, 8 flavors, and mywater flavor essence. Lots of other flavors are available for purchase according to your preferences. Every time I go to my local Walmart I see a brand new flavor that I haven’t seen before. I love Crystal Light and so glad that these are flavors available to me. With the Soda Stream, I can add a little or a lot of fizz to any flavoring I want.

Setting up and using the Soda Stream is super easy too. The starter kit comes with the carbonator bottle so all you have to do is attach it to the back of the unit. When your carbonator runs out you can exchange online or take it to a local retailer for a new one. Your carbonator does all the work so no plugging in and wasting electricity is required. Once you have your carbonator attached you are ready to start making sodas. The key to making a great soda is very cold water. It just tastes the best and much more refreshing that way. Fill your bottle up with water and screw it in to the soda stream unit. Give a few pushes to the button on the top of your unit and you have seltzer water. Unscrew the bottle and you are basically done. You can either leave it that way or add any of the soda stream flavor. You’ll want to pour your flavor in slowly so it doesn’t overflow. You can add as little or as much flavoring as you like too. Many of the soda stream flavors are pretty tasty but there were a few that I did not like. I loved the root beer and cola a lot plus it doesn’t taste too far from name brand sodas to me.

If you are a huge soda drinking but want a better way to drink and enjoy soda, you should look into the soda stream. You can make healthier sodas in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about recycling soda bottles every week and there are dozens of flavors to choose from with more being added on the regular. If your kids love Koolaid they offer these flavors as well. You can add a little twist with some fizz without having to worry about added caffeine and the kids will love making their own sodas at home with mom and dad.

For more information on the Sodastream, take a look at their website and don’t forget to connect with them on facebook and twitter.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Soda Stream free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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