Scarlet Raine $25 shopping spree giveaway!

Scarlet Raine $25 shopping spree giveaway!

Our friend at Life of a Mad Typer was recently able to review some eye appealing candles and soaps from Scarlet Raine. They have also given me the opportunity to bring a giveaway to you lovely readers! Winner of this giveaway will get $25 in products with free shipping in their choice of items. 
If you want to see our Scarlet Raine review click here.
These candles look absolutely delicious so I am sure the smell amazing! Don’t you wish you could smell them through the internet right now? Just kidding. 

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  1. Elizabeth C says

    Wow, so many great scents.but really want to try the Wedding Toast rustic stlye, and pretty Black Raspberry Vanilla. Thnx! E

  2. christine porter says

    i love all of these candles and read the reviews….awesome candles!!..i cannot click on the rafflecopter because the COUPON article is in the way..please tell me how to enter otherwise???..thank you

  3. Wendy Sanders says

    This is easy;) the look! As soon as you spot them, there’s noway you can keep walking by.. You have to stop & smell~ not just one but the entire stock until you have smelled them all:)

  4. Wendy Sanders says

    Really? Now, this is hard! In fact, to hard (LOL).. I’d like to try them All, lol. I love vanilla but then again I honestly would be happy with winning any scent:) Thank you for the Chance

  5. kaye lake says

    I would love to get the pear berry whipped candle. the only problem is that the items are so beautiful that I would hate to use them! 🙂

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