How to Organize Your Clutch

Clutch bags are a big trend this spring which means a girl has to learn how to organize just what she keeps in hers. If you’re used to having a large bag, this can be a problem and you might just have to be a little hard on yourself as to what you carry around with you. There are loads of stylish bags for women out there this spring with clutches being some of the most popular – so if you want to look hot and carry what you really need, then read on!


You need to think essentials only when you use a clutch. One really good way around getting as many of your ‘essentials’ as you can into your bag is to think about getting your hands on miniature versions of everything! This includes make-up! If you are out on the town partying, it might be an idea to discreetly put some condoms in a nice holder in your clutch too – remember you’ll never be able to get in as much as you could in larger bags!

Emergency Cash

A wallet or purse is not going to fit in your clutch but you can put in a credit/debit card in there with no problem at all. Think about tucking a note in your clutch too – just in case you need to grab a cab home! If you are out partying and have left your card behind the bar – the cash will come in very handy to pay for that taxi home.

Spare Shoes

It may sound crazy but get your hands on a pair of foldable flats that fit nicely in a clutch. These are the real lifesaver shoes that you can slip on when your heels get too uncomfortable to wear. Once your partying is over, slip on your flats and then head for the train/bus/cab home!

Band Aids

If you are out partying and get sore feet, there is nothing worse than not having a band aid handy. If you hem falls down, band aids are great for holding it up – temporarily that is!

Rosebud Salve

When you’re dancing the night away, rosebud salve is an essential part of your make-up kit. A little dab on the cheeks and lips and you’re as fresh as a daisy again!

Emergency Repairs

Safety pins are an absolute must in a repair kit – they are tiny but they can be real lifesavers, not only for a quick repair to an outfit that’s gone wrong but also to get your sim card out of your phone should you ever need to!


Dehydration often means getting a headache, so make sure you have a few pain killers in your clutch when you go out on the town.


Make sure you have your ID in your clutch because you might need to prove your age at a bar when ordering drinks. The other advantage is if you lose your clutch with your ID in it, you stand a better chance of getting it back!

Mints & Gum

If you are going out for dinner and eat things like garlic and drink red wine, you might want to use some breath freshener or chew some gum, because both of these things can make your breath smell pretty bad.

Although you may not be able to get as much in your clutch as you would in large leather bags for women, if you organise things well – you’ll get what you need in!

Written by Natasha Brown – a bubbly fashionista who loves to talk fashion and style.

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