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We loved the Bunn 4-in-1 machine so much that we want to offer our readers a chance to win one of their own. It’s a great machine that allows you to make coffee or tea with or without k-cups.

The Bunn My Cafe 4-in-1 coffee maker is very easy to use. It comes complete with the four attachments, a scoop, and instruction manual. Set up is a breeze and takes only a matter of minutes. I love that you can choose the size cup that you want to make and you’re not limited to just one or two settings. You can choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, or a 14 oz cup. The attachments are also easy to change. Just slide in the one that you want to use until you hear a click. To take it off, just click the gray button and slide it out……. Read full review.

Here is your chance to win one of your very own. Just enter using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to the US and you must be 18 and older to enter.

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*Giveaway is no way affiliated or sponsored by facebook, twitter, or any other entity. We hereby release them of any liability. Bbproductreviews is responsible for prizeΒ fulfillmentΒ and shipment.


  1. christine watkins says

    I love my bunn I have now but it is old and leaks. But I put up with it because I love it! would love this one!

  2. Rachael Bleymaier says

    Flavored lattes, chai, or mochas. I like lots of teas, too. Hard to pick just one favorite. Right now a hot vanilla latte sounds good.

  3. Stephanie Oladell says

    chai tea, or coffee with creamers.. French Vanilla is my favorite.
    We are in bad need of a new coffee machine. Ours is old, and works when it wants too.

  4. Missy says

    My favourite drink is Mountain Dew !!! My boyfriend loves his coffee in the morning and we could use a new coffee pot!!

  5. Lori Obermark says

    I don’t know what I would do without my coffee each morning! Flavored on the weekends, straight up during the week!

  6. ruby reis says

    I’ld love me a frappucino! or a pina colada. or a made from scratch lemonade. all depends on my mood and where I am and time of day.

  7. Sharon Whitaker says

    My morning coffee with skim milk and two sweetners! (I’ve used a BUNN every morning for 20 years!)

  8. Kriss says

    This would be an awesome win… I’m online right now pricing coffee pots because mine bit the dust this morning…. πŸ™‚

  9. MARY T says

    In winter, I like coffee with just about any of the liquid Coffeemate creamers. In summer, I like unsweetened ice tea or french vanilla iced coffee.

  10. Denise Donaldson says

    My favorite is cocoa. I love Bunn Machines! They are from my hometown of Springfield, IL. I even used to assemble Bunn products years ago.

  11. Michelle W says

    I could really use this. My coffee maker broke last week and I have spent more money than necessary at The McDonalds on the way to work where the workers are always rude. This would cut down on my commute.

    • Michelle W says

      Oh my favorite coffee store drink is caramel mocha, my favorite drink at home is Hazelnut or Hawaiian. Thank you!

  12. Alicia Boarts says

    Coffee, especialy one of those great caramel cremem flavors. Or a frappe. Thank you for the giveaway

  13. Laura Ramos says

    I would love this coffee maker, being able to choose cup size would be a dream and then I would not waste coffee. I usually drink one cup a day but it is a BIG cup. My husband makes a full pot and my cup takes a little over half the pot then the rest goes to waste. I tell him to just warm up the leftovers, but he loves playing with the coffee pot so he makes a whole new pot. I think he would have a blast with this one.

  14. Krista Grandstaff says

    I only drink unsweetened iced tea, or black coffee…allllll day long, allll year ’round πŸ™‚ This Bunn would be fantastic because I know what great quality products they have.

  15. Petra W says

    I love Coffee! One of my favorite ways is iced coffee the way my sister told me they served it over seas. A scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot coffe served over the top.

  16. Jessyei sills says

    i love my coffee but i would not only use it for my self but my kid could use this to make coco

  17. Peggy Humbracht says

    I love tot flavors of try different flavors of coffee and tea. And depending on the season of the year, I try different ways to prepare my java. I do love Big trains in the Summer. And winter I love to try the flavored coffee and teas. Always up to a different flavor and preparation of the drink.

  18. amy cutting says

    usually get my tim hortons but winning this i wont be going there anymore.. i love my double doubles.. but i also love french vanilla….. yummmmm

  19. Mya Murphy says

    Favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper, but coffee-wise, regular coffee with 2 creamers and 2 artificial sweeteners

  20. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says

    My favorite thing to drink is a good strong cup of black coffee. From morning until night.

  21. Mechele Johnson says

    Super strong coffee. I am talking strong. Coffee soup is what I call it! With a couple splenda’s and a lot of cream. Real cream. Now that is what I am talking about…

  22. Rachel says

    My Mother In Law use’s Bun in the Nursing Home she works at, then bought one for her house..I am in LOVE with everything Bun! Thanks for the Giveaway! Awesome!

  23. Erica Mitchell says

    Tea! but not that crap from the grocery store, i got this tin of $500 tea from japan…best tea of my freaking life!

  24. Barbara Lewis says

    Oh, I would LOVE this!!! Our Bunn just died. I got it Christmas of 2007. This would be super appreciated!!!

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