YouTube Contest Coming!

youtube contest

Do you have a Youtube channel? Want a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card? This fun youtube contest might be for you then. The hubby and I thought it might be cool to change things up a bit and offer a youtube contest. This will be sometime between the end of this month and the beginning of April. All the details are being ironed out now but here is what it would consist of.

  • Contest will be open world wide
  • Contestants would have to create a 2 minute or less video that would have to include a snippet of the “Feel Good” by Dre single. Post can be funny, an introduction to the artist, etc. No nudity or profane language.
  • Contest will go through 2 phases. (1st phase: we will choose 5 of the best videos sent /2nd Phase: Readers will vote for the best 1 out of the 5 finalist)

Sound good? Keep in mind, this is still in the works and the above rules are not set in stone yet. Drop us a comment with any thoughts you may have.

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