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One thing I get asked all the time is, “How do I become a blogger and get free products to review”? Well I have news for you if you didn’t know already. You don’t have to be a blogger to review products. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of companies out there that allow you to review products without having a blog. That is how I started out before I got really serious about this blogging thing. I have taken some of the guesswork out for you and put together a list of sites that I belong to that send products for you to review. They are free to join and depending on how active you are, they send you more and more products on a regular basis. There are plenty more out there but these are just some that I belong to and do great every month.

Review Products Without A Blog

Smiley360 ~ I have to say that this is one of my favorites. You participate in missions and gain smiles for every activity you do. Sharing on facebook, twitter, and reporting face to face buzz earns you smiles. The more you do, the more missions you get invited to do. Best of all, it doesn’t take up hours of your time. Missions I have done are Children’s Advil, Sears ($15 gift card to spend on decorations), sleep number, 5 hour energy, and plenty more.

review productsBzzagent ~ This is another favorite of mine that does not take up hours of your time. Once you sign up, you will take a bunch of surveys so they can invite you to campaigns that suit you best. You choose the ones you want to accept and decline the ones you don’t want. You get rewarded with more bzzcampaigns when you do your activities like sharing on facebook and twitter, submit great reviews, and report your bzz (talk about the product you are reviewing to real people). All of these activities contribute to a bzzscore that gets higher and higher as you submit more activity. The highest you can get is 10 but if your score is 6-10 then you are doing great!! My favorite campaigns have been SE Johnson spring collection, Glade expressions, covergirl blast flipstick, and too many to name.

review productsCrowdtap ~ Crowdtap is more like a point earning site but you can get products to review with their sample and share program. They give you samples to share with your close friends and family and depending on the brand, you can make out pretty great on these. Some of the most recent ones have been Old Navy sample and share where you and a friend get free clothes to test out. In exchange you fill out a report telling them about your experience. Others have gotten a free HTC smartphone from Verizon with lots of swag to hand out. I have gotten a couple sample and shares so it is totally worth a few minutes of your time a day. As I mentioned earlier, you earn points for your activity on crowdtap. These points can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards, crowdtap apparel, and more.

Expotv ~ This is another lovely site that awards you points for doing video reviews. I was not into the video review thing until I decided to give expotv a try. Best thing about expotv is that you can review items you have around you own home and earn points for every approved video. You can then exchange those points for products that you have been wanting. Meaning free items!! It doesn’t stop there. They even have a tryology program where they do send free items if you qualify for that product. These will be products that most of the time have not hit the market or are just coming out. I have done tryology video reviews for febreeze, tresseme shampoo and conditioner, duracell batteries, tide pods, and more. Definitely worth giving a shot even if you are shy to the camera. Trust me, I was one of them. I still get nervous but the reward is greater and only takes a couple minutes of my time.

Swaggable ~ This site is pretty new to me but I have gotten tea to review. They are in beta but it is great to take a look at. I have seen reviews for facial masks, veggie wash, go-go squeeze, and plenty more. Signing up is pretty easy if you have a facebook account. All you do is let them know what products you would like to try, they send you invites to try new products, and you test out the ones you want and review them on the site. Easily share your experience through other social media platforms. You can even refer friends and the more people that follow you, the higher your rank goes up giving you more reviews.

House Party ~ House party is a site that sends you a package full of products to throw a party at your home. You don’t have to write a review but when your party is over, they send you and your guest a brief survey to fill out to tell them how the party went and how you all liked the products. They do want you to have photos to show that you held the party. You do have to apply for each party and you may not be selected for all of them. It is like a game of chance but if you are someone who loves to entertain at your home then this would be perfect for you to give a shot. I have held a Glade Party, Captain Morgan Party, and more. Some of the sponsors can be extremely generous and send lots of stuff where it is almost no cost to you.

review products for free

Moms Meet ~ Moms Meet is sort of like house party except all the products are tailored to healthy, green living. It’s a great way for moms to come together to talk and sample products especially if you have regular mommy meetings. Past sampling has included Zevia zero calorie soda, wholesale sweeteners, yobaby yogurt, Annie’s organic pizza (so good), and a long list of other products. ~ You may not get a lot of products with this one but they do have some great opportunities. I have reviewed Simple moisturizing skincare, carefree pantyliner, and just got an invite for a sample of BB cream by L’Oreal. They also throw awesome twitter parties where you can win some cool prizes. If you have never been to a twitter party, they are an online party on twitter. They are fast paced but once you have been to one you will want to do it again. You can connect with some pretty great people and get to know the brands a little bit better.

Vocalpoint ~ Vocalpoint sends you samples and high value coupons every once and a while. In return, you write a short review on their site telling them if you liked it or not. They even have RSVP which is an in home party. They send you a box full of samples and you share them with friends and take pictures of your event. Here are some pictures of the samples that were sent for my first RSVP.

PTPA Media ~ PTPA stands for parent tested, parent approved and you may have seen the seal on some of the products you have purchased. These products have been tested by parents and placed with that stamp of approval. I have tested a trampoline through this site that the kids loved and did not want to give up.

All You Reality Checkers ~ I know you have heard of All You Magazine. Reality checkers not only get the chance to test free products, but you could even appear in the magazine or website for giving great tips and advice. Cool right!!

This is just a small list of sites out there that allow you to test stuff for free in exchange for your opinion. You can have a blog but it is not necessary. I hope this list helped you.

Do you have any you are a part of to add to the list?



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