Quality Wardrobes Are Hard To Come By

Wardrobes have been around for as long as I can remember. As a child growing up, I remember my dad having one that would fit all of his clothes from his socks to his work pants. Everything fit inside nice and neat and he even had a place to hang up his ties. There were also a few drawers that would hold his white shirts and under garments. His wardrobe was made of sturdy wood that lasted for many years. Come to think of it, he still had it up until and even after I moved out at the age of eighteen. Finding good quality wardrobes are very hard to come by these days. There is not that many around that can withstand years of wear and tear.  Many are made of flimsy materials that will only last you less than a year. Who wants to keep throwing their hard earned money down the drain every single year? I know I don’t. That is why my husband purchased one from his grand pop. Yes it was used and older but those are the ones that lasts through generations of families. I bet that this one has went through about three or more generations before it got to us. All it took was a little of tender loving care for it to look just like new. Well maybe not new, but at least it looks presentable and takes up as little space as possible in our tiny room. My point is, good quality wardrobes are hare to come by and sometimes you can find a treasure in someone else’s trash. We don’t complain because it fits all of my husbands clothes just like my dads!

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