Posy Lane Personalized Duffle Bags


Posy Lane offers plenty of different gifts to satisfy your holiday needs this year. If you are looking for something different and unique, you should definitely check them out! From funky iPhone cases to kids nap mats, these items are sure to please. There is even an option to personalize your gift. I have three girls that have a tons of toys and bags. Sometimes it can be hard to tell who’s is what. Personalization is a great way to make sure that everyone has their own and is happy. I was so glad to receive this personalized duffle bag for review. My nephew is getting older and I knew this would be something that he loves especially since it has his name written on it. It really screams I am a big boy now with the fatigue pattern. My favorite part about this bag is the lettering. I love that it is stitched and not airbrushed on. This will make it last longer without worrying about it fading off. The duffle bags for girls are gorgeous and there are plenty of patterns to choose from. Posy Lane also offers bath towel wraps, day planners, and laundry bags at an affordable price. Best of all, everything can be personalized to say the name of who you are gifting it to. I would definitely recommend Posy Lane for your holiday shopping!

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