Minnie Mouse Boutique Vacuum Giveaway

Thanks to Making it all work and a few other blogs, we are giving away this Minnie Mouse boutique vacuum to one lucky reader. Wouldn’t you love to gift this to a special little girl this holiday?!! This vacuum is so cute and I am sure a little girl would love to receive it. Enter using the short and easy rafflecopter form below. Good luck!!

**This giveaway is no way sponsored or affiliated with facebook, twitter, or any other entity.

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  1. Jasmine R says

    Barbie was the hottest toy when i was growing up. Everytime my parents gave me my allowence i would save it to buy more barbie products. I had the suitcase closet, the van, barbie, ken, her friends and lil stacy:) Good times, good times.

  2. Alicia says

    It was an easy bake oven and a Barbie. My favorite was when my mother stayed up half of the night to make clothes when I finally got a Barbie. I still have them.

  3. Regina Key says

    Talk about a walk down memory lane!! Growing up in MY generation, the big item was the Nintendo. To this day I will never forget how I felt when I opened the box!! And Cabbage Patch!! I loved the whole experience of “adopting’ a Cabbage Patch Doll!

  4. Terry says

    Didn’t really desire anything. Appreciated anything my Mom could afford. I remember three great Christmas’ . When I was five Mr. & Mrs. Claus personally visited my home, when I was 10 I received my first bicycle, when I was 12 I got a Cher doll. These may not have been the “gotta have” toys of the time, but they were priceless to me.

  5. Samantha Penird says

    I remember the one big thing I wanted when growing up was a Furby and I was so upset that they stopped selling them, but with them coming back now, I would not get my daughter one..they’re very annoying. lol

  6. Sharon Wisniewski says

    I had a toy that made creepy bugs and worms out of plastic. You pored the goop into a tray and placed in this oven-like thing and baked them. I cannot remember the name of it……..

  7. Amanda T. says

    Cabbage Patch Kids were the hot toy toy when I was little. My mom tells me stories about how she had everyone out looking for the doll that Christmas & I ended up with 2 of them! 🙂

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