Today’s Featured Blog- “Coupons and Friends”

I have been blogging since November of 2011, I was let go from my career of 14 years and after having no luck finding a new career path I decided to go back to school for my degree in Business Management. While at home with my 5 year old daughter, 10 year old son and my 2 Malamute/Timberwolf hybrids, I knew I really had to tighten down on our budget. While I had been couponing for a while it was nothing big, so I dug in my nails and made it big!! I always have loved getting a deal and sharing it with my friends or family, so after a little persuasion from my inlaws, I started my blog Coupons and Friends. I blog about deals, coupons product reviews, giveaways and so much more!! In the year I have been home I have realized how much of my family I have missed out on and now I find it meant to be and figure my ex-employer did me a huge favor!! I now get to spend those crazy, hectic moments when I want to pull out my hair as well as the moments that make me want to cry because I think to myself “where have I been”. With the kids growing up so fast you always need to make sure you put them first and now I realize my career took the front seat. Luckily for me there are so many ways to save money that I am able to stay home and finish up my Master’s degree while sharing great deals with my readers!!

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