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Kidzgear sent me all of these products to review for my kids. My package came with everything you see here. The wireless car headphones, wired headphones, volume limit cable, splitter cable, and two carry bags. Kidzgear headphones are great for children because they have the same adult performance but are specially made for them.

My kids were very excited to hear that they would have their very own headphones. No more trying to use mommy and daddy’s. The wired headphones were great for my six year old when she uses her tag reader. She can listen silently while I am watching tv or writing some reviews here on my blog. The volume controller easily lets her hear at a safe level for her age. This theory was tested out by my husband and I as soon as I removed them from their packaging.

I loved that kidzgear also sent the splitter which allows her and her sister to listen at the same time on two different headphones. Keeps them from fighting over who gets to play with the iPad or who’s turn it is. They can both successfully play together at the same time (whew!).Best of all the headphones easily adjust to each child’s head and are comfortable. The carrying cases gives you a place to safely store the headphones. Great for long trips or a weekend stay at grandma’s house.

Our final and overall opinion is that this is a great product with the kids ear safety in mind. I would definitely recommend these headphones to another parent. You can be the judge for yourself by visiting their website for all product information or to purchase for yourself.

Kidzgear has also been so generous to offer a giveaway for one reader to win everything I did. Open to US entrants 18 and older. All entries are optional but will be verified.

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  1. Kelley Zuroweste says

    Would love to win the headphones for my son and daughter for our long roadtrips to visit family. 🙂

  2. Wendy Pence says

    I would win this package for my two youngest children (ages 12 & 9), or possibly for my niece and nephew who are 6 & 7.

  3. miriam momtobidleg says

    I am most interested in the wired headphones, and the volume control. That would be awesome for my little guys!

  4. Cecilia Nguyen says

    I would love to try the Apple Wired Headphones For Kids (with Inline Remote/Mic Control. and I would like to win this for my little kids.

  5. debbie jackson says

    woud love to win this package for my niece and nephew debbie jackson
    devyjackson at hotmail dot com

  6. Nina Kimwa says

    I would like to have Apple Wired Headphones For Kids (with Inline Remote/Mic Control) for my kid!

  7. Julie Lutz says

    I’m not completely sure I might want it for my daughter then again it would be nice for me or my son I’ll have to see who it fits better if I win it to see who it goes to

  8. Jessica says

    I would love to win the wireless headphones for in the car… Would love a trip to the store without the letter factory the whole time lol

  9. Jeanna Pelton says

    i would love to try the wireless headphones for the little guy on those long road trips.. falling asleep to movies and not have to worry about the cords. THANKS for the chance.

  10. wendy says

    I want to win it for my kids we travel out of state to visit family all the time its perfect for them

  11. glenna gouza says

    i would love this. With 3 and 4 year old boys, when we watch a movie all we hear is “you be quiet” ” no yuo stop talking” these would solve that problem!!

  12. says

    I would like to win this for my kids we have a 1 1/2 yr old that loves to try on his big brothers headphones but I am so afraid they are going to hurt his ears. Plus we are going on vacation and it would be great for a long trip and he can watch his dvds without the rest of us hearing them 🙂 I can only take so much Go Diego Go haha

  13. Lindsay Kester says

    I would LOVE to try out the wireless headphones. My kids love watching movies in the van and I love listening to my music. Having the headphones are a life saver!

  14. Lindsay Kester says

    I want to win this package for my boys. They would love the headphones for long trips to watch their movies!

  15. says

    I love the ones for the iPod with the inline controls and mic. Both of my kids would LOVE these! My daughter’s birthday is July 28th, so these would be especially great for her.

  16. angela Adelman says

    I like the award winning wired headphones for kids. I would like to win this for my son to use when he is on the computer. This would be a great gift for him.
    thank you for having this wonderful contest and allowing us to enter to win.

  17. Tracie says

    I have 4 kids, if I won 1 I’d buy more so they could all use them ~ that way I can listen to the radio while they watch movies!

  18. says

    i need the wired ones for 19.99 for my daughter because she gets sooo mad when the ones i got for her dont stay on right. they’re for kids but maybe for teens??? not small enough.

  19. Patty vazquez says

    i would love to try the wireless head phone and would love to win this for my son this can be a perfect birthday gift for him.. Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  20. Jaimie A says

    I would love to win this for my kids. They would be able to use them in the car on our next roadtrip up north. THanks!

  21. Holly C says

    I know several people who would like me to win this. One is the kindergarden class where I volunteer. They could really use this prize in their computer and/or listening center 🙂

  22. Jenny LaSeur says

    I’d love to find out if the wireless ones would work in my truck!! I’d def have to get 2 of them since I have 2 kiddos. We make a lot of long drives (22 hours) so it’d be good for them to have a new set of earphones!

    • Jenny LaSeur says

      I don’t know if this would be more for me or for my kids!! lol. It’d be nice to listen to music while they’re watching movies.

  23. Amanda S says

    I would love to try the wireless headphones with my youngest, she is always pulling at the wires and getting tangled up in them. We have a 3 day roadtrip coming up and these would be awesome!

  24. ceci dey says

    I am hoping to win these head phones for my 5 year old autistic son and his younger sister (if he will share lol) If I had some head phones for when we go to the store we might actually make it past the front door without him getting overwhelmed!

  25. ceci dey says

    I would be most interested in trying the wireless head phones. My kids can not hold still and if they dont have the device the wired head phones connect to in their hands they end up like dogs on a choke chain! bleh!

  26. Christina Ives says

    I want to win this for my son and my nephew just had a bday and my son is going to have his bday at the end of july…would kinda be like a joint present 🙂

  27. Elaine says

    OMG, i just told my hubby last night that i want to get some headphones that are safe for lil ones…very, very weird…but as you see i would have this for my kids

  28. Allyson Hunter says

    I’d love to win the wireless car headphones for the car so that I can get some quiet during the drive! lol My grandkids would love them.

  29. Stephanie Blitz says

    I would love to win this for my son. He is pretty hard on his older brothers headphones

  30. Julie Keyworth says

    I want to win this package for my two youngest daughters, they love listening to music on my phone and watching youtube videos…lol =)

  31. Fiona N says

    Hopefully I will be lucky enough to win it for my nieces who love to listen music on the go !
    Thank You So Much for the chance!

  32. shayne says

    I would like to win these for my daughter with special needs. Loud noises bother her, so she likes to wear headphones a lot! Would love to try the wireless ones!

  33. amanda ward says

    I would like to try the wireless car headphones!! my daughter so needs these bad! I would give this stuff to her if I won it.


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