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Below is a review and giveaway written and hosted by Super Frugal Stephanie. She has been so gracious to include bbproductreviews. Enjoy!!

Review & Giveaway!

I was recently asked to review a DVD by Copy-Kids when i received the DVD I was excited to show it to my 2 year old daughter. She enjoys eating her fruits and veggies but not all of them, she also does not know the names of all of them. I found that as soon as i turned the DVD on she was so curious and when the DVD read off the title of what vegetable or fruit it was she started repeating them after awhile. In each part of the DVD they have children eating certain fruits and vegetables and let me tell you these kids are super cute! It has been found that when children watch other children they will copy and this is a great way to get a child who does not like fruits and vegetables to see other children eating them and they will hopefully catch on and want to eat them as well. My daughter now knows how to say all of the vegetable and fruit names that they spoke about and can point them out at the grocery store and at home when we eat them. Overall i found this to be a great teaching tool for my daughter and i am happy with its outcome. We now watch it every few days and she is getting better and better at pointing them out and understanding. This DVD is recommended for ages 6 months to 5 years.

You can check out the Copy-Kids DVD and order it HERE! As well as watch a clip of the DVD!

Copy-Kids has offered ONE Super Frugal Stephanie reader the chance to win a copy of the DVD AND $25 Whole Foods Gift cards so that you can purchase your child some healthy fruits and veggies! What a great giveaway!

Thank you to Copy-Kids for being so generous!

**Please note i was NOT compensated for this review i was offered a DVD for review. These are solely my own opinions.

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