Mail Call 5/26


This is what came in the mail for me today.

A resistance band from a fb promotion for Nature’s Bounty.


My 4 pack of Red Bull Zero from a Klout perk.


What did you get?


  1. MaryLou Sakosky says

    I received a sample of the food in a pack from DAILYBREAD and was so impressed i would only wish i could get more.All i did
    was add hot water, re-seal ,wait 8 minutes and the meal was more than good.This made hamburger helper need a helper, BELIEVE THIS.They have all kinds of different meals. I cannot believe the chicken in it was like i just made it and noddles.hmmm. I cannot say enough for folks who have a large family and want something nutriton,easy to fix and can stock pile on shelf life is 25yrs . This food was unbelivable
    I also received my beautiful ring i won on Mamaluvsbooks which was shipped from Ireland at Celtic Wedding Band is soo beautiful i cannot also put in words . I really feel i was blessed this day ,all the way around ..What a beautiful day this was

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