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It’s the middle of the week…how do we make it through to the weekend?
How about a 24 hour Flash Giveaway??!
Enter to WIN $25 Amazon!
Entry is quick and easy with just a few tasks.
There are 2 mandatories:
Giveaway will run for 24 hours on Wednesday, 4/18.
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    this is what stood out for me
    This social responsibility program provides a new pair of shoes for each pair the company sells. These shoes are donated to children in need, who would otherwise remain unshod
    that is amazing

  2. says

    I own a couple pairs of Toms due to the One for one mission. I think its amazing that a company supports such a cause and applies its money towards helping children.

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    I honestly had no idea about these shoes until now. I find the mission noble and great! There are so many children in America and around the world who's parents can't afford to get them shoes and it saddens me.

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