My December Cravebox

Here is my December Cravebox. Cravebox is a brand new program introduced through where you get 4-5 items per month for 10 bucks. You don’t know what you’re going to get until it arrives, so each month has a different surprise. I was pretty excited to get this in the mail today but kind of disappointed with the contents.
The chocolate was pretty good. My two girls and I devoured it. I was not too fond of the smell of the lotion. However, I did love the pens.  I am pretty much a pen fanatic. Many years ago I used to collect them. Please don’t ask me why, I just did.
I didn’t get to try the nail polish out yet but who can go wrong with O.P.I.? They are the only brand of polish that I use and recommend. Their variety of colors and smooth finish can’t be beaten.  I do like that it is easy to slip in your purse and carry with you for a quick touch up.
This month I am hoping for better contents but overall this first one was not all that bad. I did get to try something new and that is what I was hoping for. Thank you to Cravebox and Shespeaks.


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    This is a neat idea… I think I would be game for something like that. I love to get parcels in the mail and a surprise gift would be cool. I look forward to seeing what else you get 🙂

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