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I have not made good on most of my New Year’s resolutions. I have not lost any weight, as a matter of a fact I have not even looked at the scale, let alone think about it. Salads, fruits, or any other healthy thing for that matter hasn’t even entered my body. Why even make resolutions if I am not going to even try to keep them? I have managed to spend more time with my family which is a resolution I intend on keeping. I must do better! Would anyone be interested in doing a three week five pound challenge with me? That is 1.67 pounds per week. This would be great to help us motivate each other while making steps to a healthier lifestyle and reaching our goals. Small steps!!

The challenge would last from January 18th until February 8th which is my birthday. I would love to commit to 10 minutes of exercise for three days a week. If you would like to do more please let me know, but no less than 10. Exercise can be in your home, outside, gym, or wherever you are comfortable. I love Leslie Sansone walk at home DVDs. She is very motivational and inspirational. Check-ins would be every Wednesday with the first one on 1/25,  then 2/1, and final one on 2/8. I will make a new post each week and each comment would consist of name, pounds lost, and what helped you through that week. Those who are interested please comment below and pass along. Even if it is only three of us that is a great support team. Feel free to join anytime so we can keep this going depending how many responses.


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    You are doing better than most people do with their new years resolutions….you've actually managed to keep one of them….I would be interested….please let me know how we will be going about it all

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