Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner

Today I am giving my review on the Fekkai Glossing shampoo and conditioner. I received a sample of their shampoo and conditioner through a campaign through bzzagent.com. i would first like to say that I absolutely love the smell of it. I like it because I did not have to use globs and globs of it to get a lather. I used a very small amount even on the first try which was amazing to me because other shampoos i would have to wait till the second wash to get this. The same goes with the conditioner. I did not have to use any product in my hair after I used this because I did not want it heavy and weighed down. Using the Fekkai made my hair very light and manageable as well. However don’t expect to use this and have shine forever. Overall I really loved it and has been the only shampoo I have used ever since.


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