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Disclaimer : I received these Products for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


Kids Card Games from HOYLE are designed to nurture some of the most important skills and values parents want for their children: intelligence, fair play and fun. In fact, our team believes: “It’s fun first but there’s always room for a lesson.”  I am very impressed with all these games, My Granddaughters loved playing all these games when they stayed with us a couple of weeks ago.  There are Kids Card games like Piggy Bank, Super Me,  Monkey May I , Sharks Are Wild and Catch”n Fish, My Granddaughters and I really enjoyed every game we played, Lots of fun and I highly recommend it for any child , Ages 4-6 years old and 2 to 4 Players can play.

Let me give you some information on each game ,


Piggy Bank  is a Counting  Card Game that makes cents, 1- Flip a Piggy bank card, 2- Discard coin cards, 3-Add to the running total until a player breaks the bank. The Skill Checklist includes, Skip counting by 5′s & 10′s, Keeping track of a running total.


Super Me is an emotional intelligence game that includes elements of kid-favorites like Memory and Matching! With easy set up and taking turns matching the situation to the emergency, you can reinforce social skills like making good choices, helping others and having empathy. Super Me! is easy to learn and a fun game for two to four player, four to six years of age.


Monkey May I, is an emotional intelligence game that your kids will go bananas over! With easy set up and easy play that includes elements of the kid-favorite “Simon Says”. Help reinforce your children’s social skills like making good choices, self awareness and self control with this entertaining and fast action game. Monkey May I? is easy to learn and a fun game for two to four player, four to six years of age.

You just will flip over an Action card, Make a good choice and collect Monkey Money. The little monkey with the most monkey money at the end wins the game!


Kids dive into Sharks Are Wild because it’s easy to learn and starts a jolly-good time! You win my game by being the first player to collect five Gold Coins. To win each gold coin, you create a sequence of five numbered cards like you see below. And you can use my shark card to replace any number in the sequence. That’s why they call me wild, mate! But that’s only the beginning. Once kids master Level One, there’s more fun and learning in store. Kids can play open-handed at first to get their sea legs. After they master the basic game, the advanced version adds more of a challenge and can even bring older siblings into the game. In Level Two of the game, a couple of other deep-sea pals of mine add even more excitement. Watch out for the Octopus! He lets a player grab another player’s card and add it to their own sequence. But you can stop the Octopus from grabbing any card if you have a Dolphin in your hand.


First you spin. Then you add up pairs of cards to make a Catch. After the dealer gives each player seven cards, the first player spins the wheel and starts a wave of fun! Any pair of cards that added together matches the number from the spin makes a Catch. If you’re paying attention, you can sometimes make two or three Catches in a single spin! The first player to make five Catches is the winner. And the best part is that win or lose, kids learn oodles of math skills.


Visit Hoyles Website and look at the fun games they have, It will help your children learn Important skills and have fun while they learn. They have many more games to choose from too  !  Visit https://www.bicyclecards.com/products/#filter=.games.games

Hoyles Games  start at $5.99





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