What Makes The Perfect Family Car?

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Being able to get around when you have a family makes life so much easier. Kids often have better social lives than adults, there are always parties and playdates for them to go to, extra curricular activities and other hobbies you need to get them to. When you have a car, there’s no waiting around on unreliable public transport, and you can quickly get from A to B with no messing around. But what makes a good family car? If you’re in the market for one, here are some things to consider.



For such little people, kids and babies have a whole lot of stuff which takes up space. If you’re cramming your family into a tiny hatchback and getting stressed about it, it might be time to upgrade to something bigger! A spacious trunk will give you plenty of room for carrying things like groceries, kids bikes, even things like a spare booster seat if you regularly have your children’s friends in the car. If you plan on expanding your family in the next few years, something with more space might be needed if you currently have children who use car seats or booster seats. It generally makes everything more comfortable, and allows you to ferry around all of the stuff that you need to have in the car in your busy family life. Something with four doors will allow you to easily strap kids in and get babies in and out without having to pull seats back and lean down. An MPV or SUV could be good options, or just a larger and more spacious car such as an estate or saloon.



One of the most important things to us as parents is keeping our children safe. And so safety on the roads is always a top priority. A car accident attorney such as https://www.lane-lane.com/chicago-car-accident-lawyer/ can help you to recover compensation if you’re injured as a result of someone else, but there’s no coming back from life changing injuries or death. A newer car with modern safety features will greatly improve your chances of survival if you’re involved in an accident, and so this is always one of the most important things to look at in a family car. Do plenty of research and see which models performed the best in crash tests. Be prepared to spend a little more on a car that offers additional safety features. If you’re involved in an accident, you’ll be so glad you did.



Raising a family is expensive, and most of us are doing so on a tight budget. Therefore a car that’s economical to run is an essential feature. Ideally you want something that’s good on fuel, is reliable and not too expensive to repair. Once you’ve created your shortlist of the vehicles you want, comparing these kinds of things will help you to make your decision. Most of this information is readily available online, otherwise a bit of digging on forums or asking questions yourself will help you to get the answers you need. Often smaller cars are more economical which isn’t helpful when you’re probably going to need something a little bigger for a family, but not all larger engines are made equal. You could even consider going with a hybrid or electric model, which will be cheaper on road tax as well as less expensive to run.


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