Everything You Need for the Ultimate Road Trip

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Road tripping is a classic American holiday idea and it’s the best way to enjoy all the scenery and experiences the United States has to offer. The freedom of the car has long been celebrated and given how easy it is to plan a route, you really should think about giving it a go.

Of course, for the ultimate road trip, you will need to do a little bit of thinking beforehand. Are you planning the long trip from New York to Las Vegas or thinking of sticking a little closer to home? Which route are you going to take? Where will you stop along the way?

But, forgetting where you are actually going to go for just a moment, you need to think about what the car needs to do for you: get you there in one piece and keep you happy.

Pick Your Car

The perfect car will be comfortable for long periods of time, economical with gas and fit you and all your junk – sorry, luggage – quite easily. Essentially, you are looking for something similar to a mother of 3: a reliable family sized car that will take you across any terrain.

If you are planning a long road trip, it might be worth buying a vehicle specifically for your journey and then selling it at the other end. This is a popular option if you want to cover a lot of distance and then fly back rather than do the whole thing again backwards. Have a look at http://www.bobgillinghamford.com/ford-dealership-brooklyn.htm for some well-priced options.

Create the Perfect Playlist

A road trip is not complete until you have the perfect road trip playlist. There are so many great hits for driving that just a brief look on Spotify will probably throw up all the songs you need. Think about balancing upbeat songs to keep you going with more mellow tunes for driving at night.

Sing-a-longs are always necessary for keeping morale up, especially if you are starting to get a bit bored of the road and just want to reach the next stop-off point. TV themes are another great option as are those songs that you’ve always wanted to learn the words to but never quite did.

There’s always I-Spy when you can’t listen anymore…

In-Car Activities and Games

There’s only so much staring out of the window one person can do and even with the radio on, things can get a bit monotonous on a long journey. You need some games that everyone can participate in, including the driver.

As well as the classics like 21 questions or alphabet categories, there are lots of road trip games that adults will enjoy as well as any accompanying kids. The main aim of most of these games is to keep everyone talking so let your imaginations run wild and get competitive about the games.

Road trips are great and whether you plan to go as a family or with friends, the destination is only half of the fun.

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