Fun and Cheap Things to do with the Family over the Holidays

If you want to keep the family entertained over the holidays or if you want to do everything you can to make sure that you don’t have the kids running a riot around the house then you are not alone. Nearly every parent faces dread when the holidays come along and that is because there just isn’t enough to do. This isn’t actually true at all, and when you open your options, you could have something to do every single day of the week!

Watch an Incredible Sunset

If you are bored and the weather isn’t bad then why not go out with the kids to the park? You could even spend some time to get to know the other people that are in your local area. When you are done at the park, grab an ice-cream, or even make your own and watch the sun go down. The kids will love it and it is a great way to wind down after a long day. On top of this, it is very romantic so if you are going with your partner then this is a brilliant way for you to spend some quality time together.


Take a Picnic

Another thing that you can do is pack up a picnic and find somewhere to relax. If you know that you just don’t have the patience to pack up for a picnic lunch then it is very easy for you to go to the shop for some snacks. All you have to do then is take a blanket with you and find a nice, shady spot. This is great for the kids because it means that they can spend some time outside and you can even take a game with you as well. This could include a badminton set or it could include a football.


Board Games

You could play board games such as Monopoly or even Scrabble and these are great for the whole family.  If you are not really into this then there are plenty of games that you can download on your phone or even on your Xbox. Games such as FF15 a new empire are great for this and you would be surprised at how easy they are to download as well so do keep that in mind.


Toast some S’mores

If you want to make the most out your s’mores experience then why not play a board game outside as well? You could even invite some family and friends, or you could take the time to do some baking. A lot of people have a bonfire and this is a great excuse for you to bring out the marshmallows. You can even have some fireworks and toast some s’mores and this is a very affordable way for you to make the most out of your time at home. You can go inside anytime you want and if you want to keep the kids entertained then you can easily invite a couple of their friends over as well.

All in all, you should never feel short of things to do at the holidays, there are so many options available!

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