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Other than a house, a car is the biggest investment that most people will ever make. Unlike purchasing a house, buying a car sometimes feels as if there is very little to assist you in terms of help and advice. When you are buying your home, there are realtors, mortgage companies, solicitors and surveyors involved. You might feel like part of a big machine, but at least you are surrounded by experts telling you what to do and when. In the car buying world, however, it is very easy to feel as though you are all alone in making your decision.

Fortunately, following a few simple tips for finding the right car for you can make the process run much more smoothly. If you are in the market for a new car, then here are the top five things that you need to think about to make the perfect choice.



It might not be the most exciting issue to focus on when you want to get behind the wheel, but try to be pragmatic: you’re never going to be able to properly narrow your choice down until you know what your budget is going to be.

This means taking a long, hard look at your finances. How are you planning to pay for the car? Do you have another vehicle to trade in? Many dealers offer finance plans, but be careful, as they will be looking to make their money too. Cold hard cash is usually the best way to strike a deal, so it is often best to sell your old car separately and then go to a specialist finance company such as to discuss your needs. This way, you know that you are getting a competitive loan deal, and you also have a clear view of how much you can spend without the pressure of a trader trying to close a particular deal.


Fuel type

Not so long ago, it was a question of whether to put regular or premium gas in your car. Then, diesels became more popular, and now, it looks like the electric revolution is here. Over in Europe, sales of electric vehicles and hybrids are going through the roof, and many countries are predicting that gas and diesel engines will have all but disappeared in thirty years or so.

Electric vehicles are worth considering for city use, but if you are driving long distances, then you still need a good engine under you for traveling at highway speeds between cities.

The Toyota Prius and Honda Insight were the first hybrids, and now many manufacturers offer a hybrid car version, which is well worth considering if you drive a mixture of longer and shorter journeys.



Perhaps you have always dreamed of owning a special type of car and promised yourself that you would buy one as soon as you could afford it. That day might have come around at last, but if there is a baby on the way or you are racking up thousands of miles every month for work, then it is not going to be practical.

You need to think clearly about what you need your car to do for you. How much mileage will you be accruing? Will you be carrying passengers and heavy luggage around? Even parking arrangements can be a consideration – for example, if it is only you in the car and you typically just use it for pleasure on weekends, then a classic convertible might not be such a crazy choice, but only if there is somewhere safe and secure to store it during the week.


Trying as many cars as possible

You might have some preconceived ideas about wanting a particular make and model. It’s great to have a point of focus, but don’t let that blind you to other options. Whether it is a family sedan, an SUV or a compact, there are always several choices that may work for you, so sit behind the wheel of as many cars as possible and try to get some test drives in as well. You might just be surprised by something that you would not otherwise have considered.


Use your heart too

There has been an ongoing theme so far of thinking logically and pragmatically, but the final piece of advice is to listen to your heart as well. As mentioned, a car is a serious purchase, and you need to be happy with it. So, ultimately, if you are torn between a Ford and a BMW but really want the BMW, then that is definitely a reason worth considering. Happy hunting and drive safely!

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