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We live in such a disposable society now.   Things break or get lost so easy and we just shrug and replace them.  However if you notice, quality has gone down as well.  Things break easier, you can lose something and not even notice it has gone missing.  I know with writing implements it happens to me all the time.  So much I usually buy my favorite pens in bulk so when I lose one, I can just grab another.  However, if they stop making you favorite pen, or it just becomes too hard to find you have to find a new brand.  It happened to me recently.  I had a favorite gel pen, fit well in my hand, easy to write with, I hadn’t lost it… and then it ran out of ink.  Heck even the brand and model was worn off the barrel of the pen since I used it so much.  When I finally tracked down the make and model of the pen, seems silly in hindsight to go through so much work for a pen, I discovered it was discontinued.  The replacement model was just not the same.  I had given up and started looking for a new pen.  Sadly I just can’t get my favorite off my mind, until now.  I was invited to try Pilot’s G2 Limited gel roller pen, along with the Metropolitan Gel Roller.   And these two pens are changing my mind that all pens are disposable.  I spent an afternoon writing with both of these pens a story for my children and I was pleasantly surprised to the lack of hand fatigue.  With minor nerve damage in my primary hand, sometimes writing can be a real chore.  Fingers cramping and pins and needle feelings have me taking breaks often.  Yet with these two pens, I found I didn’t have to grip the barrel as tightly to get the control I needed.  They are weighted in such a way that it is smooth writing no matter how you grip your pen.

They come in a variety of colors of both ink as well as the barrels of the pens themselves, and both the pens are refillable.  It is a solid pen barrel, nothing too flimsy but rather made with metal so you get the heft that makes writing a smoother experience.  And especially with the Metropolitan model, category437they are classy looking and make for a great gift.  It even comes in a nice black gift box. There are also three different nibs for this brand of pen, depending on your preference for either gel, ball point, or fountain.

Gel pens have the smoothest feel of any of the pens I have used. They glide over the paper effortlessly and have very minimal smudging.  The ink is acid free and Pilot makes sure that their gel pens get the most usage out of other gel pens in their class.

category96The G2 limited is just as premium looking, and has the same easy writing feel as the Metropolitan.  However it is a bit more relaxed in its style.  The rubber grip makes for an easy cramp free writing experience.  Premium metal accents keep this pen stylish, and they are easily refillable.  Not only does the gel come in a variety of colors, but the barrel itself can also be acquired in a variety of colors.  It writes just as smoothly as my favorite pen once did, and I know this one I won’t be lending out for people to walk off with!

Pilot Pen is the third largest writing instrument company in the United States. Established in the U.S. in 1972, Pilot is the fastest-growing writing instrument company in the country. The parent company, Pilot Corporation in Tokyo, was founded in 1918. It is the oldest and largest writing instrument manufacturer in Japan.  They stand by the quality of their writing instruments and it definitely shows.  I will gladly be considering Pilot Pens as a gift in the future for my family as well as friends.  Stylish and comfortable writing that won’t break the bank.
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review.  The words expressed here are my own.

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