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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for a review and my honest opinion


Let me introduce Teddy Soft Bakes, a snack with hidden filling that kids and adults will love to discover. Teddy Soft Bakes are fluffy, soft-baked filled treats created in the shape of a bear. These snacks are made with quality ingredients you can recognize like milk, eggs, flour and chocolate, Baked to perfection. Each box has an adventure on the back of the box for kids to interact with each other to explore different things, For example, One of the Discovery Ideas is , Will It Float-Have you children gather items from their home to  seewhich ones float and which ones sink, Great idea. Another one is to collect leaves from around their yard, fill a baking dish with water , drop the  leaves in, add rocks to weigh them down and your child can observe what happens, this is just a few Discovery Ideas on the back of each box .


Teddy Soft Bakes comes in 2 flavors, Vanilla Teddy Bear Bakes with chocolate filling, and Chocolate Teddy Bear Bakes with Vanilla Filling , these snacks are very filling  and taste so fresh with every bite, the surprise filling is a surprise and delicious taste itself .


The Vanilla Teddy Soft Bakes with chocolate filling is my favorite one, it taste so fresh, like is was just baked and taken out of the oven. The chocolate filling has a wonderful taste also.


The Teddy Soft Bakes,  Chocolate Bear with Vanilla filling is my Husbands favorite, he said that they are so fresh and tasty and he has one everyday with his coffee. Teddy is his new favorite snack. We are very pleased with these new Teddy Soft Bakes. These are made from everyone’s favorite ingredients,  flour, eggs, milk, and chocolate, these fluffy bears are on my all time favorite list.  The New Teddy Soft Bakes have No artificial flavors or colors, No high Fructose corn syrup . These are truly Delicious snacks that your children and adults will enjoy. You can purchase them on Amazon and soon to be on shelves in you Local Stores and Mass Retailers .


Everything that comes from Teddy is baked with parents and kids in mind. They use ingredients you’ll love to create,  flavors your kids will love too. Each Teddy Soft Bakes comes in it’s on  individual  sleeve. They come in boxes of 6-1.06 oz. packs and  12-12.72 oz. packs.

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