Kitchen knives for the modern cook.

Knives are one thing you need in every kitchen.  Most people don’t understand the importance of getting good quality knives, because well they can be very pricey.


However when you start using a great knife, you often wonder how you ever survived without one.  That is how I felt when I opened up my Sabatier self sharpening knives.  Not only does each one come with their own blade guard, that guard has a sharpener embedded inside to make sure you never lose the keen edge on your blades.  And if you ever tried to cut a tomato or a loaf of bread with a dull knife, know how important it is to have a sharp edge.

Sabatier is known for high quality forged knives since 1810 and they make the entire knife in France.  They don’t import pieces from out of country, they make it from blade to tang to handle.  Full control over their product is something that Sabatier is very proud of.  These knives have been family made for 8 generations, so they take their craftmanship very seriously.

One thing I didn’t know about good quality knives, is that they should never go into the dishwasher.  Hand washing is the only option when you have great knives, since they are in investment.  Mild detergent, hand wash, and then dry.  Maybe that is why my knives always seemed to go dull within an year?


First thing I did when I got my knives was to test them on a tomato.  While two of my knives (8 inch Santoku and 8 inch chef) were a bit unwieldy when slicing a tomato, the 5inch paring knife did a fantastic job.  Quick slices that did not smoosh my tomato.  The chef knife was fantastic when dicing up raw meat, I didn’t have to apply too much pressure and there was no worry about gaps between the handle and the blade for food to get trapped.  Nothing is worse than raw meat stuck in your knife.

The Santoku shined when I was cutting up frozen chicken breasts for dinner.  I had forgotten to thaw my chicken first but thought, hey I will give it a go.  It sliced through the frozen meat like a dream.  I almost ended up cutting myself!  They are my go to knives now, and since they come with a great sheath, I don’t have to worry about where I place them.  I have lost many a chef’s knife by finding it dulled rattling around in my kitchen drawers.  However you do need to keep in mind that they are lighter than a lot of kitchen knives, and you need to adjust your grip or you could find some slippage to occur.

If my knives had no problem cutting up frozen meat and delicate vegetables, they powered through root vegetables like a dream.  Chopping up carrots, potatoes, turnips was easy, but the longer blade on the chef and santoku were fantastic for going through melons in one sweep.

As of now my knives are still razor sharp, and I use the sheath when I am not using the blades.  So time will tell if the self sharpening aspect of the sheath really works.  But right now, when I am in my kitchen I am using my Sabatier knives!

With a large line of knives to choose from, you can find yourself with a knife for any occasion.  So consider Sabatier next time you are looking for a quality kitchen knife or set.  They make great presents for Mom too!


Disclaimer: I received three knives in order to give my honest review on the product.  Words stated here are my honest opinion.

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