A Guide To Getting Noticed As A Writer


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Whether you have high aspirations as an author or journalist or simply want more readers for your blog, getting your writing prowess noticed is no easy task. There’s a lot of competition out there. However, this needn’t put you off chasing your dreams of penning a name for yourself. Here’s a guide to help you get on your way and earn that recognition you deserve.

Find your niche

A successful writers knows their niche. They know the audience that comes with it and the tricks of the trade. You can write about anything and everything you fancy at first just to see where your comfort zone lies. However, focusing in on one area may allow you to hone your skills and build a reputation in that area whether it be music journalism, sci-fi fiction, fashion blogging or tech press release writing.

Start blogging

Any kind of writer can benefit from blogging. You could be a budding poet wanting to show off their poetry or a budding food writer wanting to show off their food writing skills. Even if you want to be a novelist, publishing the first chapter of your book on a blog could be a great marketing tactic to get readers interested. Platforms such as WordPress can allow you to create your own blog for free. Not only that, but you don’t have editors or publishers to restrict what you can and can’t write. Keep blogging content and you’ll slowly build up a readership. It’s worth finding a blogging guide online to teach you the tips and tricks of delivering good content. You can also write for other people’s blogs and increase your recognition and reputation this way.

Share your work on social media

Social media is a great tool for sharing your work with the masses and gaining more recognition. You can share everything you write with your Facebook friends to get more readers. If you own a blog, it may also be worth creating a Facebook page specially for promoting this content. Twitter is great for connecting with strangers and finding new readers across the world. You can even pay a little money to promote Facebook and Twitter posts.

Chase the prestige first, not the pay

You won’t get recognized as a writer by only accepting those that pay high. You need to prove your reputation first in order to get picked for the high paying opportunities. It’s this strategy that has led successful journalists to make 100k salaries and successful bloggers to land affiliate schemes and sponsorship deals from big brands. Focus on growing your audience to a huge level and then start demanding the high paychecks – otherwise you may put editors and publishers off.

Network with other writers

Knowing the right people could elevate your reputation by opening you up to new writing opportunities. Attend writing societies, book fairs and journalism workshops where you may be able to meet new people that can offer you new opportunities within your field. You may meet a publisher who’s willing to read your work, an editor who’d be willing to consider you for their magazine’s writing team, a fellow blogger that would like to cross-promote with you or perhaps simply a future reader and advocate of your work.

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