Laundry Day Just Got Better Thanks to @Downy Fabric Conditioner #ProtectClothesYouLove

downy fabric conditioner

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I wish my kids would stop growing? Sometimes I find myself thinking that same thing, but as much as I wish, I know that’s not possible. One thing I do have more control over is protecting our clothes and extending the life of their fabric thanks to Downy Fabric Conditioner!


We received a bottle of Downy fabric conditioner in April Scent and I couldn’t wait to wash a load of laundry! This stuff smells amazing when you open the bottle so I could just imagine what my clothes would smell like. However, it doesn’t just stop there at making your clothes smell extra fresh and clean. It also helps to soften your clothes, reduce wrinkles, resist fading, and reduce fizz and pilling. I have a family of four and clothes pile up pretty quickly, so it’s truly a product that will help our clothes last longer. I can’t tell you how many clothes that I’ve had to toss in the trash because they were just old looking, faded, and stretched out. It’s like throwing money away because some of these clothes didn’t even last past a few weeks. Well not anymore! Now i’m armed with Downy Fabric Conditioner and as a mom who’s always looking to save more money, I couldn’t be more excited.


This fabric conditioner is amazing and I could immediately tell a difference with only the first wash. Our clothes not only smelled extra fresh, but also felt super soft coming right out of the dryer. There’s nothing like putting on your wardrobe and having that extra comfort and softness. Almost as if you have a brand new piece of clothing and you’re wearing it for the first time. It’s one of the best feelings!


I really love this stuff and it’s even better since I can purchase Downy Fabric Conditioner at Walmart! With their lower prices and being close to home, I can save money on both the product and gas. I highly recommend Downy Fabric Conditioner and look forward to adding it to every wash from now on!

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