ReCap Mason Jar Cap Review



Disclaimer: I was sent these Products for free for a review and my honest opinion


First let me say if you love using Mason jars as much as I do, I use them for everything, drinking a glass of tea, storing soup in them and using for my craft projects, they are a number of ways Mason Jays can be used. When I got the Flip Lid for my jars I was so happy because there are a lot of things you can use these caps for without having to open the whole covered lid, with these pop-up lids you just pop open the cap and you have a spout where you can just pour out what’s in your jars and you can easily get everything out of jars. These lids are the coolest product around and they make it so much faster to get what ever you have in your jars. You can use them  for On-the-go  drinks, snacks and meals to pantry storage and freezer. Flip, Shake, & More – The reCAP FLIP opens to a LARGE 2″ diameter and fits Regular Mouth Mason jars.  Easily access canning creations like pickles, ferments, jellies and jams, reCAP fits all standard size Mason jars such as Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, Kilner, Quattro Stagioni, Golden Harvest, Orchard Road, Atlas, Legacy and products like Classico (24 oz.) Red Sauces, Justins (16 oz.) nut butters and Peter Pan (16 oz.) peanut butters.




I also received the Glow In the Dark Explore Bug Catcher Jar and it is perfect for Lighting bugs, June bugs or whatever little creature your child or Grandkids  can catch and put in the Jar. Local Mason Jars Company, maker of reCAP, introduces the first ever glow-in-the-dark magnifying cap for Mason jars.The reCAP Explore will fit any Regular-Mouth standard Mason jar, allowing parents the flexibility to choose a glass jar that perhaps has been passed down through the years or recycle a plastic jar. The cap screws on easily (even for smaller hands), and once a critter is found, the little explorer flips it open to catch, closes it, and looks through the breathable magnifier.After getting a good look, flip the cap open again to release and keep on exploring. So let the children begin their bug  collecting adventures. Both of these Products that I received are very nice and will not just lay in the cabinet drawers, you will use them over and over and  I am planning on buying more of them. Great  products for every home with kids or without, A plus for this .


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