Valentines to really stand out!

Valentines Day cards are a time honored tradition in many public schools.  And the selection of the ‘right’ card for your kids to give to their classmates can often be such a hassle.  Between limited selections for boys that aren’t going to make them blush, to having to buy 2 or 3 packs just to have enough for every kid in the class.  It gets to be a major money sink.  Luckily, the folks over at Peaceable Kingdom have a great selection of gender neutral, fun, adorable, and kooky valentines for any kid.


Excuse the Selfie – not my normal mode of picture taking =)


First up both of my kids, Age 8 and Age 6, went crazy for the Strawberry Scented kitten Valentines.  I mean what human being can resist the face of a baby kitty staring back at you?  There are three separate designs and they smell like those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars I used to love… who am I kidding, I STILL love those suckers.

Secondly was a set my daughter loved.  Cherry Scented Cupcake cards.  They are very ‘Shopkin like’ cupcakes that smell like cherries.  Perfect for any age honestly and these had 4 seperate designs.

Lastly was the one we all had fun with.  Lollipop Moustaches and Lip cards.  These don’t come with the lollipops, but don’t let that stop you!  They are so much fun to balance on your upper lip.  I think we spent at least an hour giggling as we tried out each of the 7 different designs.  Easy enough to slide a treat into the card and place it in the included baggie.


I want to say that these cards are much better than the drugstore designs I used to buy, not only because each pack has 28 cards, but also because they are a stiffer paper stock than the ones you can get just anywhere.  My kids can’t wait to give these out at their Valentine’s day party in school!  And maybe best of all, you can order them on Amazon to take advantage of your Prime Shipping (if you have Prime of course)


Disclaimer: I received Product in return for my honest review.  The words expressed here are my own.


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