Hey Coffee Lovers!! Check out the Ninja Coffee Bar + Giveaway

I received Ninja Coffee Bar for review purposes. All words and photos here are my own.

coffee bar 2

Hey coffee Lovers!! It’s the Ninja Coffee Bar!! If you like rich, bold flavorful coffee, Then this is the coffee maker for you. Love your specialty coffees from coffee shops? Well you can now make them at home using the Ninja Coffee bar. That will cost you a lot less than buying a cup every time you want one at a coffee shop. No time to wait for a pot to fill up? Then easily use the Ninja coffee bar cup, travel settings or use the drip stop button while brewing full pot on this awesome Ninja coffee maker. No mess on the warming plate of this machine with the feature drip stop. Very convenient for on the go coffee lovers!! Iced coffee? Well then use the over ice brew button to do just that! It’s awesome. Want to make your favorite cup of specialty coffee with some milk froth on top? Then use the Ninja frother to do just that at your very own home.

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This Ninja coffee Bar is very convenient and has many different features such as Classic Brew for smooth less rich coffee, but it still is a little rich but not as bad. Rich brew feature for even richer coffee for those who like almost espresso taste. Over ice brew for your favorite Iced coffees, and lastly the Specialty brew feature to make a strong special milk based or iced coffee.This Ninja Coffee car lets you not make just a whole pot, but a 12 oz cup, and a Travel mug size as well. Don’t forget to pull down the wonderful multi serve cup platform this features for them cups you brew. Those are some awesome features to this Coffee Bar.

coffee bar 4

That is why it’s named the Ninja Coffee Bar because it allows you to make several different sizes, and several different brew strengths or kinds, and your favorite flavors at your convenience of your own home without paying for each cup. I love that the warming plate does not stay on and or hot when doing cup and travel. The warmer plate will keep your pot warm for up to 2 hours and does not in my opinion change the flavor of your coffee. This Ninja Coffee Bar is great for those who love rich, bold coffee. The Ninja coffee bar does not leave your coffee burned flavor at all on warming plate.

coffee bar 6

I love the nice book that comes with this that features tons of specialty coffee recipes and nice desert recipes that would pair wonderfully with your cup of coffee. I am still trying to master the milk frother but I’ll get the hang of it the more I use it. It’s a great add in feature that comes with the Ninja coffee bar machine. Great to make froth for specialty coffees and cappuccinos we all love. I love hot French vanilla cappuccinos and Iced coffee very much. This helps me make all that without needing to pay for each cup a coffee shop. Love it!! This Coffee bar comes with a great permanent reusable coffee filter or allows you to use filters for easier cleaning. It’s up to you what you use. The LED lights on this machine brighten up my whole kitchen at night. Brighter than a night light to me. Love that too. Clock is very easy to set with just a couple buttons. Want to clean your coffee maker so you don’t have dirty tasting coffee? Then this is the Coffee maker for just that, it features a cleaning function at a press of a button. Awesome sauce!!

coffee cleaning

The Ninja Coffee bar Auto- IQ knows just how much water to use for each size and brew type. That there is awesome. A coffee maker that is actually Smart!! Wow!!! I love the water reservoir because it’s fully removable and has a flip top lid. It is larger than most coffee makers but that is because it does everything. This is the Coffee Maker I have been waiting for. Smart, Intelligent, and awesome Coffee maker that makes my favorite coffees at my own home. Can’t go wrong here.

Want one? It’s irresistible! Visit Ninja Coffee Bar to find more info about this, and stay connected through social media with them on Facebook, and Twitter so you never miss a detail about this Coffee bar, giveaways and more. You can also buy the Ninja Coffee Bar at Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Bed bath & Beyond and more.

Here is your chance to own a Ninja Coffee bar yourself! Enter on the rafflecopter below to win 1 Ninja Coffee Bar. Winner will be emailed at end of giveaway. Winner will be chosen at randomly through rafflecopter entries. Giveaway starts 1/29/2016 and will end 2/5/2016. Good Luck to all.

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  1. Jammie says

    I love all coffee, hot, cold, frozen, in ice cream, but my favorite would be the peppermint mocha or the double chocolate chip from Starbucks.

  2. natasha lamoreux says

    My favorite coffee drink is an iced caramel machiotto. I want s Ninja coffee bar so bad, thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says

    At home–a dark strong coffee with homemade cocoa creamer. At the coffee shop–6 shots with two pumps of white mocha…no whip :)

  4. Alicia Boarts says

    I love mocha frappe! But any good strong brew will do in the morning, since I don’t have one of these awesome machines to make a crappie easy

  5. addrienne mertens says

    I like a hazelnut latte best. i have an electric frother at home and making drinks is simple with it! the ninja would make it more fun!

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