Help your Kids drink more water

This is the time for New Years Resolutions.  And every year I make the same ones.  Drinking more water.  However I grew up on well water, and trying to drink city water is so difficult for this country gal.  So I took up bottled water, and of course I can’t expect my kids to drink what I don’t drink.

IMAG0234However, as I struggle with this years second resolution, to be a better housekeeper, I find that there are half drunk water bottles all over the house.  And not from my husband or myself, but from my kids.  Enter the AquaBall.  These fun shaped small bottles have a nice small portion of clear water in them, in kid friendly flavors.  My kids call them ‘potion bottles’ and will gladly drink one of them with their dinner rather then a juice box.  Definitely makes me feel better!  My kids see me with a bottle of water and run to get their own.  Luckily with the Aqua Ball they don’t leave half the water undrunk.

They are sugar free (use Stevia to sweeten), Zero Calories, Zero coloring, Enhanced with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C, and come in a bunch of your kid’s favorite Disney and Marvel Characters.  Much better than letting them drink the aspartame sweetened waters they used to crave!   With so much trouble in this household with dyed foods and high fructose corn syrup, I know that these will encourage them to drink more water without reaching for the super sweet juices they would ask for in the past.IMAG0233

We got a case of Grape flavored AquaBalls to try and when I asked my daughter what it tasted like, she was happy to let me know it tasted just like Grape Bubblegum.

Now the bottles are of course recyclable, but since my daughter and I are very crafty, we are looking into fun ways to reuse these cute little plastic containers.  My son of course just wants to keep them around since they remind him of the potion bottles in one of his video games, but my daughter and I have been scouring Pinterest and even the AquaBall webpage for some great ideas!  I know we are saving the empties right now so we can make little Gumball machines to give to her classmates for a birthday favor in February.   The website had this great idea for an indoor snowman decoration.

Aquaballs come in 4 different flavors – Frozen Berry Frost featuring Frozen Characters; Grape featuring Marvel Superheros; Fruit Punch featuring Disney Princesses; and Orange featuring Mickey Mouse and friends.  And of course the plastic does NOT contain BPA!   It is a product I feel good giving my kids and they think they are getting a special treat!

Disclaimer: I received a case of AquaBoll pods for free in return for my honest review.  The views and words stated here are my own.

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