Wax Vac Review


I was recently given the chance to review the Wax Vac through the Pitch List. The wax vac is battery operated and uses silicone tips to softly remove wax from you or your little ones ears.¬†You will not believe the amount of wax that builds up in my children’s ears so I thought this would be the safer alternative to using q-tips. We were also provided with ear oil but I did not even attempt to use it. I really don’t like stuff in my ears that I know would irritate me.

I attempted to use the wax vac on myself before I used it on the girls just to make sure it was safe. Sadly, mine did not work all that well and in fact it seemed to blow air into my ear instead of sucking anything out. I am not sure why this would happen but I can’t use this on my girls let alone myself.

The one good thing that I will say about the wax vac is that it has a built in light. This is great for getting a better look inside of the ear so you know how much wax has been sucked or cleaned out. For that reason, I will be using it to see the wax inside my girls ears and continue to clean them out with the q-tips. I really wish this would have worked better for me and I hate to write a negative review but I just can not recommend it.

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